Movella Ideas

Just a bunch of random ideas for movellas. You can use them if you wish, but tell me first. Okay? 'Cause then we won't have an issue


3. Chapter Three


Hi! I present you with three new, awesome ideas for stories! 


 The Milkshake Plane


Genre: Non-Fiction


Summary: The Milkshake Plane is cotton candy pink. The stewardesses wear light blue suit-skirts as they serve the many flavors of milkshakes to the passengers. In a misfortunate storm, the plane has to emergency-land on a stranded island.


Anne, a 21 year old flight attendant and Jake, a 23 year old passenger, get lost. They can't find their way back to the others. They have to stick together to survive.


In the brightness of the day, the island seems innocent enough, but as the night comes, more and more obstacles stand in their way. And as the days pass, the two seem to get closer and closer together. But like the island, they have their dark sides too, bubbling under the surface. Will anything good come out of this situation?



Title: Ms.Prada Versus Mr. Armani


Genre: Non-Fiction/Teen Romance


Summary: 17 year old Linda Ale is a spoiled brat, to put it simply. She drives a red convertible bug, wears the most fashionable clothes, and doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. Her parents try to tame her, but let's face it, she's a wild child. Crazy is not a good enough word to describe her.


18 year old Daniel Black is a rich jerk. He drives a black Porsche Panamera. With his gorgeous looks and personality oozing of awesomeness, he's so the cliché rich kid it's not even funny.


In the big city of New York, it's not a surprise they've never met yet. Emphasis on the YET. These two's personality's clashing would mean the third world war. So imagine what happens when Linda scratches Daniel's Porsche with her car! The war begins. May the best rich kid win! Only an idiot would add love into the story. So I guess Fate is a really big idiot.



Title: Meow.


Genre: Supernatural/Humor/Romance


Summary: Izzy is really weird. One time, she was hanging out with her friend Patrick who was in the middle of one of his usual comic superhero rants, when Izzy randomly 'meow-d'. Yup, she did that. Now it's Halloween and she is dressing up as cat-woman. While Izzy is hanging out at a Halloween party, chaos erupts. Angels and werewolves scream as they run frantically out of the party. Izzy doesn't know what is happening.


In the midst of all the chaos, Izzy is pulled into a dark room. And at the same time, pulled into a whole new world. Vampires, witches, angels, succubi, they all exist! But unlike all the sappy paranormal romance novels out there, this isn't all dandy-dandy. For Izzy, life suddenly couldn't suck any more. Especially since she finds out that she is a supernatural too, and an annoying, yet quite good-looking supernatural keeps showing up wherever she goes.


Now would be the part where she finds out that there is an evil force trying to destroy the world. Except this isn't a novel. This is real life. And though evil DOES lurk in the corners, it isn't what (or who) anyone expected...Izzy was wrong. Her life COULD and DOES suck even more. It's time to whip out her tae-kwon-do skills and trade her heels into black leather boots.



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