Movella Ideas

Just a bunch of random ideas for movellas. You can use them if you wish, but tell me first. Okay? 'Cause then we won't have an issue


4. Chapter Four

Hey, I'm back! I got over my writer's block!!!!! So let's begin...


Mirror Mirror

Genre- Fantasy

  Alaena Cook has always loved the story of Snow White. She always wanted that kind of story to come true for her. The birds, the apple the prince, all of it.

  When Alaena finds a magic mirror, much like the evil queen's, she asks a ton of questions. "Mirror Mirror, on my wall, who's the fairest of us all? In the school..." She asks. And when she finds it's not her, she goes mad.

  Now, she's the girl she despised; The evil queen, who's after the real Snow White; Her best-friend.



Genre- Other or Realism 

  Autumn Kapmann is new at Seawood High, and being the new girl isn't easy. Unfortunately, she learns of the traditional 'mean-girls' at her school. They call themselves the Barbies, as they think they're so perfect.

  She also befriends one of the Barbies' worst enemies; Alice Estwick, who has a plan to take them down. 




  Sorry there were only two this chapter, I couldn't get my ideas into words. It won't happen again, I promise! ~Dani

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