Do you belive love at first sight or do i have to walk by again (16+)

Do you believe love at first sight? Well Ana is a new student at a typical high school . When she meets "The styles brothers" She just cant control her feelings For 1 of the boys.....Which one?



I woke up in a black ass room. then I heard someone say "your awake?" yeah! I say as this guy grabbed me so I can stand properly. ugh! what am I doing here harry?!! I say in a tired voice. I aint harry. he says. I am the sexier better looking twin of harry...the bad bo- shut up nigga! I say to make him shut his trap! the bad boy of the family! he says finishing his sentence. ohh! well im ana! I said to him. im Edward!. he said with cheer. I gave the "wtf?" look. sorry....I overheard harry asking you out at that party last night and I just wanted to warn you! he said. what do you meen "warn me"? I said. harry does this a lot.....just to get in your pants......ive seen girls crying and running out of his bedroom thousands of times and I thought you were really beautiful and I don't want you getting hurt..... he said with care in his voice. so I am guessing that were in your room.?! I said with a tad of anger in my voice and attitude! yeah um im gonna let you go last night....oahh and FYI you were slapping my butt last night... he said with laughter, hah. I said as I walked out of the room then I heard moaning noises from a bedroom the I heard harrys voice saying "oahh don't stop keegan!" I gasped and walked into his room seeing keegan on top of him with nothing at all on her.! EWW!OKAY BITCH U ARE FLAT CHESTED SO GO GET A FUCKINGG BOOB JOB! she ran out sobbing . I looked at harry. FUCK YOU! I yelled at him. YOU ONLY ANTED TO GET INTO MY PANT YOU...YOU....YOU FUCKING ,,,,, CHIPMUNK! I yeld at him then he looked at me then said "look I-" LISTEN YOU DONT EVEN HAVE TO EXPLAIN TO ME CUZ I DONT WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN! I said with anger! IM BORED.....BYE ! I said to him with a smirk!


A/N : okay okay it was fuckingg short but I will do a way better job on the next chapter.....a lot of more shit is gonna go down.....OKAYY?!

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