Do you belive love at first sight or do i have to walk by again (16+)

Do you believe love at first sight? Well Ana is a new student at a typical high school . When she meets "The styles brothers" She just cant control her feelings For 1 of the boys.....Which one?



a/n : yeah imam stop using the CAPS for a yeah..... comment if you think I should make another story.....and vote for which boy! <3


I sat on the bed next to Edward I looked at him and giggled a little. what?? he asked I started laughing and clapping my hands like a retarted walrus. he gave me the "you look like a retard" look. um what happened while I was gone? I asked with a smirk. he just looked the ground with a smile.i kinda felt hurt.....and I have no idea why....I mean its not like I have feeling for harry or Edward...or do I????? NAHH! tehe!um... im gonna go call sammie! I said as I walked out I pulled out my cell from my pocket and then I felt a pair of warm arms around my waist and I accidently dropped my phone and then I heard sammie's  voice saying "hello?.......hello???!" then she hung up. What the hell hazz? I yelled as I walked over to pick my phone I bent down I felt harry grab my waist and held his dickk by my ass and I could feel it tense up as I jumped up and looked at him. You fuckingg whorny dog!i said as I turned to him. But im your whorny dog right? he said as he started kissing my neck. I let out a moan and I could feel him smile on my neck.then I pushed him off. You wish babe! I said as I smirked walking away.

I dialed sammies number and then she picked up

s- sammie



s- hello?

m- hey girl!

s- where the hell have you been?

m-um....well on Friday after the party I was walking home and got kidnapped by Edward and now im at harrys house!

s- what are you fucking crazy???

m- no..... im with harry!! you were with zayn!!!and you were both snogging with each other! so don't get mad at me woman!

s- *giggle* I know......I guess zayn has had a thing for me since kindergarten... or at least that's what he said!

m- OMG you should like totally hit that!! haha

s- haha I already did!

m- well call shay and tell her that you to are fucking party with us again!

s- haha okay just make sure zayn is there.....I wanna drive him crazy!!

m- haha okay but be extra sexy... you and shay!

s- haha okay bye then!

m- baiii! see you tonight!

s- *hangs up*

m- *hangs up*


 I walked over to harry and kissed him and he stuck his tongue in my mouth. I bent back causing him to bend with me and I stopped him. lets throw a party tonight! I said looking at him knowing the answer would be a yes! um..... sure since my parents are out for a month!  he said with a smirk. I kissed him again causing him to stick his tongue in my mouth then I heard foot steps coming down stairs so I pulled away. Edward was standing at the bottom of the stairs. um.... im gonna go gonna go see keeg- uhh I im gonna go to Starbucks. he said nervously as he walked towards the door and I ran to him and jumped on top of him as if he was gonna give me a piggy back ride. your not going anywhere big boy! I said as I hoped off him. were gonna throw a party and you can invite anyone you want I said as he turned listen babe I gotta go! he said as if he didn't want to see me. Fine... don't call me babe then! I yelled across the room. Edward turned around and saw my eyes were watery. he walked up to me and wiped a tear from my face but little did he know I took acting classes when I was younger so I could use some fake tears.Look im sorry ana! he said. then harry walked in the room.What the hell did you do to her.? harry said as he pushed Edward away from me.LEAVE! harry said ask he hugged me tightly . Edward left. im okay hazz. I said looking up at him. he looked down at me then he kissed me. c'mon. he said pulling me towards the couch. we both sat down. We have a party to discuss. he said just post on facebook that were having a party and everyone is invited! I said looking at him. oh yeah huh?he said looking adorable.....or at least he was trying to look adorable! I sighed. hungry! I said winking at him. I don't know why but I loved teasing him and the funny thing was.... he was so easy to tease. I leaned over so that our faces where inches close he tried to kiss me but I got up and walked to the kitchen.he walked behind me and grabbed  my waist and pulled me close so that he could lift be from behind. you said you were hungry.....I could feed you! he said as he lifted me to his room.wait! I said. did you post the party info on facebook?! I asked. yeah.!he said. okay .... continue cuz im starving! I said and started laughing.he took off my shirt. Time for teasing hazz! I thought to myself. I flipped us around and I was on top of him I ripped off his shirt he started taking my bra off and I let him then he took off my pants and then the fun happened.i took off his pants.he looked at me and smiled which showed his dimples and that made me MELT inside and he took off his undies and took mine of then he rolled us uver so that he was ontop of me but just before he was about to stick it in my I pushed him off. im still hungry. I said as I put my clothes back on and walked out and into the kitchen.

Harry's P.O.V.

ugh! ana kept teasing me and I kept falling for it. I got dressed and walked out of the room and I was pissed.i sat on the couch and saw ana walking in with a bowl of cereal.i have to get her back....when she is the most weakest....I fucking sound like an awesome vampire tehe.i got up and walked to my room too think about my plan.

Ana's P.O.V

Harry left so I decided to watch spongebob like a boss! tehe but I watched the one when spongebob and Patrick were arguing through those bubbles they use.then Edward walked through the door with keegan. hey.! she said waving at me. I raised an eyebrow at Edward. Edward can I please talk to you in private? I said looking at him.sure. he said walking over to me.

what? he said looking like he didn't care about what we were about to talk about.Since when are you and flat chestie "TOGETHER" now?? I said looking hurt. since when did you care.? he said. are you fucking kidding me Edward?why are you being such a dick?! I yelled at him. then out of no where I felt his lips on mine then he lifted me and took me to his room and took off his shirt and layed me on his bed.i was really confused for a while as he undressed me and himself so  decited to go along with it. he opend my legs and he looked at me for permission. I nodded and he pushed it into me I let out a quiet moan and he started thrusting in and out of me.i rolled on top of him and rocked my hips in a circular motion. I could tell he was enjoying himself so I started going a bit faster and he let out a moan. I- im gon-gonna c-c-cum!he said as he let out a sigh on rolled ontop of me thrusting hard waiting for me to cum to. im- im c-c-c-um-cumin-cuming ! I let out a huge moan then Edward had to hold his hand on my mouth so I would be quiet.he got off of on top of me and pulled out and we both got dressed!


a/n did u like it? tehe if you want to be in the story comment your name and the guy you like.....zayn and niall are taken....just saying bye my sexy ninjas!


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