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'Niall what are you doing here? It's 2 in the morning!' I didn't respond. I stepped closer, put my left hand on her waist and pulled her closer. I cupped her face with my right hand and looked in those beautiful green eyes. Her cheeks turned red and she bit her bottom lip which totally turned me on. I wanted to kiss her gorgeous pink lips so badly but I was not sure if she really wanted it. 'Kiss me already' she said and with that I pressed my lips against hers. I bit her bottom lip. She moaned and I instantly stuck my toungue in her mouth. Her hands tangled up in my hair and she pulled it lightly. I was so horny right now. I moved my hands down her backside and slowly pushed her on the bed behind her.


5. Female Niall

 Gemma and I spent the day watching TV and talking. She was so nice. I already considered her a close friend.

 It was 5:30 now and Gemmas phone vibrated, signaling for her she got a message. She read it and sighed.

 "Let's order some pizza." she said and suddenly I realized how hungry I was.

 "Oh my god I'm starving. I'm so hungry. I need FOOOOOOD!" I yelled which made Gemma laugh out loud.

 "You remind me of Niall. Here, have an energy bar. The pizza will be here in half an hour."

 I took the energy bar and went back to the living room. I took the remote and switched trough the channels.

 "Oh my god. Spongebob is on!!! I LOVE Spongebob!" I called out. Gemma just sighed.

 "Oh no. Not you, too. I will go to my room and do some studies. Call me if you need anything." she said and left.

 "Oooooohhhh who lives in a pinapple under the sea?" I sang.

 "Spongebob Squarepants!" someone yelled and I heard the door shut. A few seconds later Harry freakin Styles ran into the livingroom and jumped on the empty seat on the couch next to me.

 "Oh thank god I made it in time. I thoughed I would miss it!" he said and focused on the TV.

 I stared at him. 'Creepy, Haley. You're being creepy' I thought to myself and looked at the TV.

 Suddenly I felt Harry staring at me.

 "Hi, I'm Harry." he said and gave me the most gorgeous smile.

 "I-I know" I stuttered and blushed. "I-I'm H-Haley." I said but I didn't dare take a look at him. I was scared to faint or someting like that.

 "You like Spongebob?" he asked.

 "I LOVE Spongebob!" I exclaimed and earned a laugh from him.

 "I already like you, Haley." he said and I blushed even more.

 For the rest of the show we didn't talk. We just watched Spongebob and shared some laughs.

 When the doorbell rang, Harry stood up to look wo it is. I took the chance and ran upstairs to knock on Gemmas door.

 "Gemma? Please, please, please come down. Your brother is here and I really don't want to be alone with him anymore. I emberessed myself enough. He probably thinks I'm a total weirdo. Please Gemma!" I said and heard her laughing. She opened the door and smiled at me.

 "Oh well then let's go-" she said but she got interupted by Harry calling for us because the Pizza was there.

 "FOOOOOD!" I screamed and ran downstairs in the kitchen. I saw the Pizza and immediatly took a slice and shoved it in my mouth.

 "Oh my gosh this is soo good!" I moaned with closed eyes.

Suddenly I remembered where I am and more important who was watching me. I slowly opened my eyes to see Harry standing in front of me with his mouth and eyes wide open.

 He turned around to Gemma who was standing in te door, giggling and pointed at me. "She's like a female versoin of Niall!" he said. Gemma just nodded her head and giggled.

 "Is that a-a bad thing or a good?" I asked and blushed.

 Gemma just laughed more. "Well it's a good thing for you but a bad thing for Harry." she said.

 "Why a bad thing for Harry?" I asked confused.

 Harry glared at Gemma but she just continued. "Well he will think of Niall all the time when he see's you and he obviously won't be able to flirt with you now." she siad giggling.

 I looked at her confused. Harry wouldn't have tried to flirt with me. He is Harry Styles and I'm just the little Haley, I'm nobody.

 "Okay let's eat!" Harry said trying to change the topic and we all sat down at the table to eat.



 Harrys POV


I watched Haley eating her 5th slice of pizza while I was still working on my second piece. She really reminds me of Niall. The way she behaves and more important the way se eats. I definately can't flirt with her anymore. She's very pretty though.

 After dinner we sat down in the living room and talked. After a while Gemma went upstairs to study a bit more and left me and Haley alone.

 "Let's play 20 questions!" I said and smiled at her. She agreed and I thought about my first question.

 "Do you have a boyfriend?" I asked her and she blushed. It was so cute wen she blushed.

 "No, not anymore..." she answered and looked a little sad.

 "Why? What happened?" I asked.

 "No-huh, mister. It's my turn to ask a question!" she said and giggled. "What did you think of me when you first saw me?" she asked.

 I blushed. "Well I thought that you are very beautiful" I answerd truthfully. Her face turned tomato red and she faced the ground.

 "So my turn again! Why did you and your ex-boyfriend break up?" I asked, remembering her sad eyes.

 She took a deep breath and told me everything about that bastard Jay. How could he treat her like that. She is really scared of him. I sat down next to her and wrapped my arms around her. "It's gonna be okay. You're safe here." I told her and se calmed down a little.

 We continued our game of 20 questions. I found out that she was looking for her father, that she is a fan of us and that her favorite out of us was Niall. I couldn't help but feel a little jealous when she told me. But the more we talked the more I had the feeling that she is going to be a second sister for me.

I told her a lot about the band and how it is to be famous. She asked a lot about Niall which made me a tad jealous but I mentally slapped myself for that.

 When we finished our game it was already after midnight.

 "Oh my god it's that late?" Haley gasped and stood up. "I need to go to bed she said and we made our way upstairs.

 Haley stopped at her door and smiled at me.

 "Goodnight!" she said and turned around.

 "Goodnight!" I said and made my way to my room. I'm so excited that the boys are coming tomorrow! I have the feeling, that the next two months are going to be interesting...

So what do you say? 
Please comment if you like it or not. I would really like to know if it's good enough to keep going.

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