We're perfect together

(A Harry Styles fan fiction) Amanda has just moved to London at a age of 18. She's just a normal girl like everyone else. She has always lived in Denmark but after she finished school she moved.
And how cool is it to live in the same city as One Direction? Yes, she's a directioner.
But what will happen, when she found out, she has to work with Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend?


1. New life

How great is London? I mean seriously. I've always dreamt about moving to London, and live here, but I never thought it would be so amazing. The best thing I'd ever done in my life so far. 

I'm on my way to my new job in TOPSHOP. I am actually all alone here. I don't know anyone. My family lives in Denmark and my friends too. I hope I will meet some new friends soon. It says with giant letters TOPSHOP on a big wall, so it must be here my new job is. When I walked inside a very beautiful girl walked to me. 

"Hi my name is Eleanor and you must be Amanda," she says. "Yes I am. I'm new here. Are you my new boss?" I ask. "No, I just work here." She seems really sweet. But I swear I've seen her before.

My first day at job was really good. Eleanor and I have become really good friends. She's really welcoming and sweet. Oh, and I found out she's Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend. I'm a fan of One Direction so I knew I'd seen her before. She actually invited me to her birthday party on saturday, and I can't wait. And who knows? Maybe I'll get to know some new people. 

I just love my new life here in London.


So what do you think? It's my first fan fiction so please comment what you think and if I should continue. Should the chapters maybe be longer? I don't know.

Oh, and sorry for my english. I'm from Denmark.


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