We're perfect together

(A Harry Styles fan fiction) Amanda has just moved to London at a age of 18. She's just a normal girl like everyone else. She has always lived in Denmark but after she finished school she moved.
And how cool is it to live in the same city as One Direction? Yes, she's a directioner.
But what will happen, when she found out, she has to work with Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend?


2. Him

Today it's Friday, and I have to go shopping with Eleanor, for her birthday party tomorrow. 

"What about this one? It goes great with your blue eyes!" says Eleanor. She was the best to shop with. She finds everything to you. I'm normally not the best shopper. I just walk through the shop and then out again. But not with Eleanor? It's kind of different, but it's cool. "I have to meet Louis and Harry in 30 minutes. You wanna come with me?" She ask. "Yeah, sure." I says without thinking. I'd just forgot that Louis is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. And Harry is Harry Styles from One Direction. I can feel I get more and more nervous. I've always had a crush on Harry. I mean. Look at him. His curls, his dimples, his smile, his eyes, his lips, his everything. 

"Hi babe," I hear one say behind me. "Hi Louis," says Eleanor. Shit, they're here. What do I do? Should I say hi? Eleanor help me. "Oh, Louis and Harry this is Amanda. I work with her." Thank you Eleanor. "Hi, I'm Harry." says Harry and takes me into a hug. Oh god. I just hugged Harry Styles. No, Amanda. Stop fangirling! Say something. "Hi, I'm Amanda." I smile to him. He smiles back. "Hi, I'm Louis." He hugged me too. "Hi". 

"How long have you lived here in London?" Harry ask. "I just moved two weeks ago from Denmark." I answer. "Uh, we have a danish girl here. You should meet our vocal coach. She's danish too." I actually know that, but I just don't what to be too much fangirl when they're here. "Oh she is?" I ask. "Yes I know how to say 'Have you quite finished' in danish. 'Er du så færdig'!" says Louis. Wow that's actually the first danish I've heard in two weeks. "Really good. You can move to Denmark." "Are you serious?" Louis laugh. "Yeah, sure haha". "Is there anyone who's hungry?" Eleanor ask. "I am!" We all say in unison. 


Sorry it's not the best and the longest. I am planning on make them longer? I will update maybe later today or tomorrow. 

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