Thats My Monster

Avril Rose, was an ordanary girl with and ordanary life. But what she didn't know was she was living in a world with things unlike her. Unlike anything anyone has seen before, it was only a fantasy. Until now, she finds these creatures that will change her life forever. And she worries that maybe she will become one of them, just takes one step. Will she make it out ALIVE? Or will she choose to live with the DEAD?
Find out in "Thats My Monster"


5. chapter 5

Avril's POV

I had English my last class with, Perrie, Liam, and Louis. We had to write a 20 page essay on the English Language. He gave us a computer to begin and I had to finish by the end of the week. I placed my flash drive into the hole and began typing,

"The English Language"

The English Language is an important part in many human beings lives.It teaches you many nouns, verbs, predicits, everything you need so someday you will get a job or go to collage and use these skills you learn to write essays like this or, novels, summaries, anything.

I started but, Perrie nudged my arm again and pointed, Cole came into this class?! He wasn't in this class!

"Students, Cole will be a new class member he switched classes, treat him like you do with others"

I just smiled toward him and waved. Then, I fell out of my chair! I was so embarressed everyone started laughing and Perrie helped me up. I didn't make direct eye contact with anyone just began typing again acting like i messed something up. Perrie patted my back and watching the kids laughing,

"You all think this is funny eh?" She asked and one kid replied yes, she walked over and pushed him out of his chair, "Now is that funny"? She questioned again looking at him on the floor. He shook his head and got up. The teacher of course ignoring us.

Perrie's POV

I would not let those kids laugh at her and i put a stop to it imediatly. Nobody laughed after. I smiled but, then frowned looking at Mr. Glassburn just staring at his book. Teachers really need to start paying attention to everything more. In middle school if I had done that I would have gotten a detention!


The bell rang and we all jumped out of ours seats and ran out of the door. I rushed to my locker packed my things then went over to Avril who was still packing, she took her time even though it was Friday! I pushed her then she got up and we started walking,

"FrEeDoM"! She screamed. I chuckled thats Avril for you. We waited watching for the boys so we could head to their house.

Louis' POV

We saw all the girls grouped up talking so we headed over.

"Hey we going" I shouted over them and the crowds of kids.

"Sure thang"! Perrie laughed, she was one tough cookie.

We all started walking and talking, the girls in one conversation and us in another.

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