Thats My Monster

Avril Rose, was an ordanary girl with and ordanary life. But what she didn't know was she was living in a world with things unlike her. Unlike anything anyone has seen before, it was only a fantasy. Until now, she finds these creatures that will change her life forever. And she worries that maybe she will become one of them, just takes one step. Will she make it out ALIVE? Or will she choose to live with the DEAD?
Find out in "Thats My Monster"


4. Chapter 4

hey is harry.styles.i<3.u (janny) am the co-author for this book. i will be updating tomorrow or Thursday. sorry it cant be sooner i have a lot of homework thanks to school and my teachers,i think they enjoy giving us homework.well anyways hope are reading this awsome story 

just a pic for fun




love you guys 

thanks for all the support

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