No more secrets

Fearne Thompson moved to her Auntie Tina and cousin, Josh's house after the tragic loss of her parents. She starts a new high school and gets to know her cousin's friends. There is still someone lurking in the darkness. Someone who brings fear to Fearne's life and she realises she needs her new friends more than ever.


3. starting high school

   "Hurry up and eat your breakfast, Fearne! You're going to be late for your first day of high school!" Mum shouted from the living room. It's two years since the accident and a lot has changed. I don't call Tina "Auntie Tina" she's now Mum. Josh is also not my cousin, I call him my brother. It's only fair as they're treating me like I had lived with them all my life. Josh definitely grew up more and is a typical teenager now, although he still looks after me the same. I was starting high school today and Josh promised that he would look after me. We walked down to St Andrew's high school and Josh told me, "If you need me at all, go to the secretary's office and ask for directions to form 8AA. I'll be there all morning. Bye, Fearne!"

   The year sevens gathered in the hall. I sat with my friends from primary school, Dynasty and Hope. When I moved to Anfield primary school two years ago I thought people wouldn't be my friend and bully me. I didn't tell anyone about what happened and my anger problems and gone, thanks to the psychologist so they didn't think I was weird. Dynasty had brown, mousy hair and was always doing some kind of sport activity. I also loved sport so we clicked like that. I then met Hope. She was Dynasty's best friend and had short ginger hair and was great at art and also enjoyed reading, like me. We were all best friends instantly!

  So here we were, listening to the head teacher's speech. Hope was too busy looking behind her at all the boys. "There's Kyle Graham!" she squealed.

Dynasty rolled my eyes. "You've been obsessed with him, Hope, ever since he started at primary!" she grumbled.

"Yeah, Hope!" I agreed.

"He is so dreamy though," Hope started. "Better than that Michael Walker, Frankie Hayward oh and who could forget Brandon Miller and Jamie Williams and Luke Saunders and-"

"Ok, you don't need to go through all your ex boyfriends!" Dynasty grumbled. 

A teacher came and told us to be quiet. Kyle laughed at us. "Oh his laugh is so cute!" Hope giggled.

Me and Dynasty rolled our eyes. This was going to be a long day!




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