New City, New Life

So Allyson is a girl who just moved to a new city. She's depressed that she had to move. Her mom made her sign up for cheerleading even though she was more of the sporty type. They disagreed but Ally ended up becoming captain and having a great time. Of course she had struggles with the team. Well, just one teammate... ASHLEY. She was the runner-up but lost. As captain, her popularity grew greatly. And well maybe even met prince charming.....! But oh no!!!!!! "Mom, this is terrible. Oh no!", Ally screams.


2. Part 2; of My life ruining

I ask sadly, "Mom, I don't understand. Well, I have at least one question I'd really like you to answer." She replies, "What?'' " Why do we have to move?'', I said. ''Because..... oh. I need a new house.'' ''What. What's wrong with the old one. Oh, just never-mind.'' The rest of the car-drive home, another piece of silence came and stayed. When I got home i tried putting the pieces together. And I came up with 5 solutions; 1. She was trying to trick me. 2. She was getting a new job. 3. She was trying to follow the How to be Successful  in Life Guide.    4. She was losing her mind. 5. We were going to live by some family in L.A.. Either way it went she was out of her mind. She was right I surely am surprised. but tomorrow i will talk to her and tell her I understand. the next morning we went to IHOP for breakfast. That's when I said, "I understand mom. That's I decided that I'm mature now. So I decided to stay here and find my own place", I said confidently and quickly changed the subject. '' These eggs, huh.'' " Hahahahahahah, Ally stop playing'', she said. I can't believe she thought I was kidding. So I put in my serious face and glared at her. That's when I knew she knew i was serious and then she gave the look that meant are you out of your mind. N to the O. That's when I excused myself and took a walk. Today it was hot. As I walked a tear fell down my face. It felt like a thousand tears all in one. My shoulders and knees started to shutter. I had to sit down. And as soon as I did the tears went into overtime. Thoughts went back and forth through my brain. i stayed there for hours actually for the rest of the day. it started getting dark so I headed home. When I got there, the moving truck was loaded. I went straight to bed. This would be my last night. Tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. we were heading to L.A.. L.A.'s great but I loved it here in Cedar Hill. Well, here we go today has arrived. Goodbye. Tears started to fall. Oh, no. Then I froze. What. Well I tried to pull it together and headed to the door. GOODBYE!:)

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