life in the BSIS

Louise is running. she has been for a long time. But when a squad of highly trained mysterious operatives arrive on her doorstep,her running days are over- but that doesn't make life any less interesting.


2. the escape

I wake up, shivering, the bed sheets clinging to my skin with cold sweat; to put it simply, not feeling great. There’s a cup of tea sitting on my bed side table. I gulp it down, grateful for the caffeine, even if it is stone cold. My thoughts seem jumbled and confused, swirling around my head. I need some air, so I lean out the open window and gulp it down into my starved lungs. It’s fine I tell myself firmly he won’t find you, it was just a dream.


The gentle ebb and flow of the waves with the salty tang in the air calms me. I can see the market from here, fish laid out on beds of ice, great mounds of fresh bread. The smell is so strong I start to salivate.  I resolve to have breakfast as soon as possible. Closing the window behind me, I turn around and find Abi sitting on my bed, swinging her legs back and forth and generally acting as though she hadn’t just materialized into my room. Obviously she didn’t materialize, but she moves so quietly, she might as well have. “How do you do that?” I ask

“Do what?”

“Move so qui- never mind. What do you want?” I think snapped at her a little, because she looks hurt. That nightmare left me a bit on-edge. “I was just going to tell you there’s someone at the door. He says he wants to talk to you, something about a ‘deal’”.


This simple sentence sends my mind reeling. All the thoughts I’d been oppressing, all my doubts, burst out, but I only have one clear thought. He’s found me. Suddenly, I have a plan; A crazy, stupid plan, but it’s all I have. “Abi? Could you go tell him I’ll be down soon? I’ve got to get changed” I ask.

“Fine” she answers sulkily. It breaks my heart, but Abi can’t come with me. It’s too dangerous. Anyway, he won’t hurt her, he only wants me. As soon as she’s gone I grab a back pack, open the window again and climb outside.


This is so stupid is the only thought other than ahhhhhhh I can manage right now. There are a lot of grooves in the brick work, so I have pretty good hand holds as I climb down from my window, but my arms and legs feel pumped with liquid lead. Not a good feeling. Get a grip I think, and then well not gripping wouldn’t be a good idea right now would it? It’s funny what thoughts come to you when you’re climbing down a two story building. Somehow, knowing the alternative, climbing down this wall doesn’t seem so bad after all, and I’m suddenly filled with strength, banishing the dead feeling in my limbs. I climb down to a tree branch and move onto it reasoning I’ll be harder to spot.

I can see them now, crouched near the door, ready to get me as soon as I stick my head out. How stupid does he think I am? I start to climb down the oak, thankful for the cover given by its thick leaves. I’m surprised at how normal this seems all of a sudden. I’ve gone from a quivering mess clinging to the side of a house, to calmly making my way down a tree, about to flee from a man intent on getting me to agree to their ridiculous ‘deal’. It’s like my mind has decided that I can’t be any more petrified, and just gone into auto pilot.

I hop lightly to the ground and start to creep towards the back gate, trying to tread as quietly as possible. Not as easy as it sounds as it turns out. I snap a twig under my trainer and three hooded faces whip around to face me. Suddenly I see what Abi’s means when she says twigs snapping scare her.

I review my options in a millisecond: one, run away (I’ve never been much good at running though) or two, stay and fight. That’s more like it. The first one barely has time to step forward before he gets a nice round house kick to the face and crumples to the floor, unconscious. Not a bad start. The other two seem a lot more hesitant now, but the one on the left plucks up the courage to step forward. Before he has time to put his guard, I up punch in the gut and, while he’s disorientated, jab him in the soft flesh behind his ear, effectively knocking him out. I get ready to fight the third, but there’s no need. He’s run away. But just before I turn, ready to run, I feel a pair of strong arms grab me from behind, and quickly restrain me. This is it I think, all this running for nothing. A man in a black suit and tie steps out from behind the trunk of the oak tree.

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