life in the BSIS

Louise is running. she has been for a long time. But when a squad of highly trained mysterious operatives arrive on her doorstep,her running days are over- but that doesn't make life any less interesting.


3. the BSIS

Through all the despair, one thought cuts through. He can’t be here to get me. As soon as I think it, I know it’s right. Everything about him reeks of nice: from the grey streaks in his hair to the laughter lines around his eyes. Not to mention the fact he  had to be at least forty. Besides, its not like i could get out of this situation if I tried. “Hello” he says, as if just he’s catching up with a friend, not greeting a bedraggled girl in her pyjamas with her arms pinned behind her back. “I suppose you have a lot of questions” he continued “but I would like to first congratulate you. You passed the test with flying colours”. Excuse me? I think, but I’m too dumbfounded to say it out loud. “Louise, inst it?" I nod- I want to trust him, he just seems like he would never do anything bad. A big change fropm most of the people chasing me. But there's a nagging voice in the back of my mind, he knows your name! not a good sign I think, never a good sign. "what a fitting name. It means renowned warrior, but enough rambling," he continues, "you are probably wondering who we are.” The thought hadn't occurred to me, but it suddenly seems like a pretty good place to start. “We are the BSIS, or British Secret Intelligence Service. We are here to recruit you.”


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