Cooking class with a Vampire

I used to hate cooking class and being in a mortal school. Until I met my mate.


2. Mates?

I put my recipe back and began to walk out of the classroom when, "Miss Henderson, stay behind please." Anna shot me a disgusted look before walking out of the classroom and to her gray Porsche. 
"yes, Mr. Horan?" I asked politely feeling anything but anger toward my new teacher. "how old are you?"
"18." All of a sudden Niall had me pressed against the wall with the classroom door shut, locked, and the blinds closed. 
"Sweetie, you know I'm not a human." 
I hissed at him knowing my fangs had popped out, "You are like me and my family." 
I stared at him. He spoke the ancient language of the vampires (Romanian). Only the powerful vampires know it. My family does of course.
"I have to get home. Let me go." he let go of me. 
"I'll see you tomorrow, Amy." I unlocked the door, walked out, and slammed the door then stalked off to my black 4X4 truck and got in. 
I threw my backpack in the back, started the truck, and started to drive home. 
Honestly this reminded me of twilight. Don't get me wrong I love those books. Stephanie Myers and Edward Cullen are both related to me so I honestly don't care.
Bella is now related to me. She's my cousin just like Edward and Steph. But thats a different story now back to this one. Niall was stronger than me. Completely stronger. This is going to be an interesting senior year.
I parked my truck by a red Chevy and got out. 
Who is at my house? 
I got out and saw Niall sitting on my porch.
Niall's POV 
When I first saw Amelia I knew that she was the one that I would marry.  I'm not trying to be creepy.. It's a vampire thing. Each vampire has a mate. Amy is mine. She's beautiful. I just want to kiss Down her neck and complete the mating process with her. 
Amy's POV 
"Mr. Horan, what do you want?" I asked. He stood up and smiled a beautiful smile, his blue eyes twinkling, "We need to talk, Amy."
I rolled my eyes, unlocked my door, and walked into my house. 
I threw my backpack on the couch. Niall stood at the door. "oh right. Come in." I rubbed my temples. I've never had a vampire guest. If you didn't already figure it out. Vampire have to be invited into houses. 
Niall walked in and looked around, "Nice flat." 
I nodded and went into the kitchen, "Where are you from?" 
"Mullingar, Ireland." 
"People say I was born in 1993.. I was born in 1793." 
It's currently 2016. You do the math.
"Why did you transfer to my school to work?" 
"I was in a boy band in 2010-2014 we just retired so I needed a job to fall back on."
"what were you called?" 
"One direction." 
I nodded, "I thought so. Where's Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam?" 
"Harry is in the town next to this one. Zayn and Perrie are 30 minutes away married. Lou and Eleanor are married in this town. And Liam is living with Harry." 
I got a bottle of blood out, "Want one?" 
"yes." I got him one and threw it to him. He caught it. "are they vampires?" 
"no. Harry and I are the only vampires. Liam, Zayn, and Perrie are wizards. Louis and Eleanor are fairies." 
"That explains so much." 
Then Niall was beside me. My hand in his. His lips brushed my ear, I was in some sort of transe, "Can I?" 
I nodded. He kissed me. 
I've been kissed but when Niall kissed me... Oh my goodness... I was love struck. I wanted him. No... I need him. 
I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed back. His arms encircled my waist and kissed me harder. 
He slowly pulled away and caused me to whimper. "don't forget to do your homework for tomorrow." And he was gone. I whimpered again and touched my lips. 
           The next morning 
I woke feeling strangely in love. I couldn't get Niall off my mind. I walked down stairs and saw my dad reading the paper and drinking coffee and my mom cooking breakfast which consisted of pancakes, sausage, and eggs. 
"Momma, when vampires fall in love what does it feel like?" I leaned against the counter. She smiled, "Each vampire as a mate. When you find your mate you'll be love struck." 
"Does it have to be a vampire that's your mate?" I asked pouring me a glass of orange juice. "Yes. It's a rule. Humans have human mates. Werewolves have werewolf mates. Same with everything else." 
"What does it feel like?" 
My dad's deep voice answered, "When I met your mom I couldn't get her beautiful face off my mind. Her face was what kept me alive during the war. When I returned home she was what I wanted. Not a beer not anything like that. Just her. I needed her. When I first kissed her goodness I couldn't get enough. I wanted more." 
Alyssa, my mom, giggled, "That's how I felt. When I first meet your dad I hated him. He annoyed me. But when he kissed me. I wanted him. No I needed him. I needed him in my life as my mate. I loved him when I was first turned Into a vampire and I didn't even know it."
"Why did he annoy you?" I was really confused. "when women find their mate they hate them at first then when they first kiss they love them." Alyssa answered.
"that's confusing, momma." 
She sighed, "We love them but don't know it so instead of love we feel hate." 
I nodded and went up stairs.
Mates? I didn't even know vampires had mates. Was Niall my mate? 
I opened my closet and looked through all my outfits. Hmmm what should I wear? 
I grabbed a short tight strapless black dress and black high heels. I got dressed, curled my hair, applied heavy make up, and put on black hoops and a black necklace. 
"Amy, me and your father are leaving!" Alyssa yelled. I smiled at my sexy self in the mirror, "Okay love you guys!" 
"Love you too!" And the door slammed shut. I grabbed my backpack and went downstairs. I wasn't hungry for breakfast. 
I grabbed my lunch and keys and went out to my truck. 
I parked my truck, turned it off, and went to class. 
                Last period 
I strutted into cooking class and winked at Niall who was leaning against the desk. His jaw dropped and his eyes followed me to my seat. He sat at his desk and began roll. 
"Miss Henderson, can we talk outside?" Niall asked. I smirked and walked outside. He came out behind me a few minutes later.
He hungrily kissed me.  I pulled away, "Mr. Horan, you shouldn't-" he kissed me again, "Don't tease me, Amy."
I flicked his ear and purred, "Come over later."

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