Isn't She Lovely

Okay so this is the sequel to Let Me Love You! Its about Michaela and Harry's wedding! Go through the journey, with both the groom and the bride, of planning their perfect day!


9. The Honeymoon


     ~Danielle's POV~ 


     "Come on, COME ON! Let's party! You're officially Mrs. Payne! Now get into that sexy dress and go dance your ass off! You only have 4 hours until you and him are flown off to New Zealand!"

     Mic was in the back room with me bursting with excitement, Makayla was setting up the desserts, Gillian and Eleanor were in the bathroom. I zipped up the dress and walked out with Micki, meeting the other three at the door; all of us being joined by our groomsmen. 

    "You look amazing in this dress too," Liam whispered to me. I giggled and then I heard my uncle announcing the couples.

     "AND FINALLY! MRS. AND MR. DANIELLE AND LIAM PAYNE!" The guests cheered and applauded and whistled and we were moved with everyone to the dance floor, until it was just me and Lili. I knew what was next but I couldn't catch my breath; new tears formed as our song came on and we slowly started to dance for the first time as a married couple. Compass by Lady Antebellum. We start slow, a soft blue light dancing over us. Slowly joined by a pink one, turning it to purple. As the chorus arrives the light shimmers and it's like we're dancing on the stars.


So let your heart sweetheart 

be your compass when you're lost,

and you should follow it wherever it may go!

When it's all said and done

you can walk instead of run,

cus no matter what you'll never be alone!

Never be alone.


     We dance, just me and him. In the stars, lost in each others eyes. Slowly, ever so slowly, petals lightly fall around us, just a few at a time. And in that moment, the petals were dancing too. I imagined Liam and I jumping from one to another. I feel his arms tighten around me and then I'm sent into a twirl, and I somehow end up in a dip. Being supported by Liam. We kissed and the music changed to more upbeat as more bodies moved in around us cheering and congratulating and crying with me. I manage to here a faint voice among it all...
    "Sweet pea, you're all grown up. I love you."

    I spin around, the room becoming a blur. In the one vacant spot of the room, I see her. A transparent figure. I run into her open arms, reality leaving my mind. As I jump into a hug, I'm left on the floor, with nobody around.

    "Where'd she go? I just saw her, she was here. Where-"

    "Who?" I didn't look to see who was talking.

    "But how is that, she was... I saw her, I heard her voice! Grandma! Please, don't leave me." I hear a quick intake, and realize it's my mother next to me.

   "She's been dead for 3 years now Dani. It wasn't her. It cou-"

     "NO! I saw her! I heard her talking to me! GRANDMA!" I was crying again and frantically look around. She left my life again, just like last time; appeared and right in front of me was gone. Only this time she disappeared, she didn't have a heart attack. She was here with me, how could she be here. "I SAW HER!" I must have fainted after that.



     "Honey we're at the air port. Wake up my love, please." I didn't want to. I knew what happened the moment I was conscious. I had fainted and was immediately taken to the airport, letting my family and friends party alone. The bride wasn't stable, she had to get away. Wonderful. "Dani, come here, I'll carry you, love." I made a faint groan and lifted my arms. I was against Lili's warm chest now. 

     "She was there... I saw her... I heard her."

     "I believe you, it's happened before, I could tell by your face. And you'd talk in your sleep." He carries me all the way to the landing strip. We had a private plane ride. I felt him walking up the steps and into the plane, and down the hallway; he opened a door and laid me on the bed. "You rest, we'll be in New Zealand soon. I love you Mrs. Payne." I could sense his smile and I made a mumble resembling 'I love you' then I fell back asleep. 



~Michaela's POV~


      "Yes I know Liam told me! Oh, I'm so happy for you! How's the food? Really? Wow, I have to try that then. I can't wait to see you again! I know its only been a week but I miss you! Oh no, don't you dare! Get off the phone and go be with your hubby. Good! Love you too, I'll let everyone know, bye!" I just got off the phone with Dani, and then I immediately ran out the door and into my car. I had last minute details to deal with on the food for the wedding... my wedding. 

     So far for Dani and Liam's honeymoon though things have been great. They've gone adventuring through the jungle, spent 2 days on the beach collecting shells and relaxing and hearing the local music, they went through town exploring another day and got lots of amazing souvenirs and had amazing food, then they went scuba diving all day, yesterday they went to a zoo and spent all day with the native animals, and today they've been relaxing. They still have another week left. I believe tomorrow they're going to some dance classes and art classes as well. I was so excited for them, but all the talk of their wedding... just got me more nervous for mine. I wish this year could go by a little faster.

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