The Runaway Meets the Rogue (Completed)

Zee runs away from her pack when she finds out she has to marry Cameron (the Alpha of the neighboring pack.) She ends up in Oregon, where she meets two other werewolves, Jax and Landon. Will she fall for Landon or Cameron? Which one is her true mate?


23. Thank You

Thank you so much for reading! I cannot say thank you enough. I'm surprised that this story got ten favorites. It made my day when I read everybody's comments. This story was a lot of fun writing. I can't believe that it's over.

There will be a sequel. I don't know when it'll be up though. I still have to figure out names for some of the characters. My grandma's in the hospital so that's why it will be a while until I publish it.

I will say thank you once again. I hope you enjoyed reading this story.

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