Equith is a world of horses, Unicorn and Pegasus. The Becklets live above the ground, and were good on earth. The Devi's live under the soil and are horses that were mean fighters on earth. When the Devi's decide they want to come up from the soil, will the Becklets be able to stop them?


1. When a horse dies

On Earth, at a livery yard in Dymchurch, South east of England, a tragic event was taking place. A Teenage girl was standing next to her horse,Mystical Moondancer, known as "Mystic" for short. 

Mystic was limping. He had injured his ankle, and it hurt to put pressure on it. Mystic’s coat was a shiny black, and he was a Friesian stallion, 16.1 hands high. Normally, he had his head held high and would be jumping this time in the morning, But today his head was low, and he has no where near jumping.

A car came along, and parked in the corner next to the berry bush. A woman got out. It was the vet. She got out her equipment, and carried it over to Mystic. Mystic nuzzled the girl, as she lightly stroked him. The vet took an x-ray, and had the results an hour later.

"I am so terribly sorry to have to break it to you, but there is nothing we can do to help him" the vet said. Small teardrops started coming out of the girls eyes. "We are going to have to put him to sleep". She sobbed even more as she stroked his matted mane. A few minutes later, and he had gone.

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