Equith is a world of horses, Unicorn and Pegasus. The Becklets live above the ground, and were good on earth. The Devi's live under the soil and are horses that were mean fighters on earth. When the Devi's decide they want to come up from the soil, will the Becklets be able to stop them?


6. Uncomfortable Massage

Jodie, Amelia and Mystic walked into the stable. Mystic's tack faded of his back, and he laid down, glad to have a well deserved rest. Jodie got ready to started massaging Mystic, whilst Amelia went to get his dinner. Pony nuts with a handful of apple and carrot pieces. The ground vibrated. A few carrots fell out of the bucket, and Jodie jabbed Mystic by accident. She apologised, and Mystic accepted it. Amelia came running back into Mystic's stable, panicking.

"What was that!?!?!" Shouted Amelia, quickly pouring the food into the bucket. "I don't really know! But i don't think it was an earthquake!!!" She replied back. Amelia ran to the head quarters to ask what was happening. Mysitc's dark brown eyes were puzzled. Jodie started to think. 

"I remember a legend like this from angel school" she said, stroking Mystic's nose. Slightly less puzzled, Mystic started nuzzling her to tell him more. "Fine i will tell it to you!" She finally gave in. A small book appeared in her hand. "Long, long ago, there was a war here. 'The War of Equith' was its name for obvious reasons. The Devi's were fed up of being put underground, and started to come up. The Becklets thought back. The leader of the Devi's  'Magestic Muckulous' was horrifying. He attacked your grandad, 'Magical Stardancer', leader of the Becklets. HE killed him. HE KILLED your grandfather. He took over the Becklets land before they all died out, not realising that they wouldn't be able to live above ground." She said, showing him the pictures along the way. 

No longer puzzled, but now furious, Mystic leaped up. Armour appeared all over him. Jodie leaped on his back. "Lets go to war!" She said, pointing at the hole that the Devi's were marching out of.

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