Equith is a world of horses, Unicorn and Pegasus. The Becklets live above the ground, and were good on earth. The Devi's live under the soil and are horses that were mean fighters on earth. When the Devi's decide they want to come up from the soil, will the Becklets be able to stop them?


3. Luxury life

Mystic looked around. It was exactly his idea of heaven. Big stacks of food that you could tuck into whenever you wanted. Big roomy stables with padded walls that are always clean. A woman and two girls came over. They all wore white dresses, and they had white wings. They had golden halos above their heads too. They came over to Mystic, then the woman spoke to them.

“Amelia and Jodie, this is Mystical Moondancer. His nickname is ‘Mystic’. You will be  looking after him while he is here in Equith. On earth, he injured his ankle, and had to be put to sleep. He is a great showjumper once he gets riding again. Here is your list of tasks to do today.” The woman said, then handed them the list. “Thank you Miss” the girls said, synchronised. Then the woman walked off.

“Hello Mystic” Amelia said, stroking him. Mystic nuzzled her. “What is first on the list?” Amelia asked Jodie. “This is a LONG list” she replied. “First it says we have to take him to the angel vet so that we can get his hoof fixed up”. Jodie crossed her arms and nodded her head, a bit like a genie, and a white bridle with gold beads appeared on his head. They all started to fly, and Amelia led him to the vets.

As they got to the vets, they all walked in. The vet was in there waiting with a bottle. Amelia led mystic over to her, and the vet gave him an injection to his hoof. He stumbled for a few seconds, then stood still. He had no more pain in his hoof, and gave out a loud whinny. Next on the list was to see a farrier. The farrier gave Mystic golden horse shoes. 

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