Equith is a world of horses, Unicorn and Pegasus. The Becklets live above the ground, and were good on earth. The Devi's live under the soil and are horses that were mean fighters on earth. When the Devi's decide they want to come up from the soil, will the Becklets be able to stop them?


2. Equith HQ

Back on a cloud, and Mystic had just arrived. Thinking that it was a dream, he slowly walked around. Then two Pegasuses trotted in.

One was pure white, with sky blue eyes. He had a gentle and kind feel around him. His enormous white wings were pure white and feathery. They were soft and were blown slightly in the sweet breeze.

The other was the darkest of blacks, he had red eyes. If you looked into his eyes, you could see only one thing; evil. His wings were in a nasty condition, and he had scars in a few places. His teeth were black, and had green above them.

Still comfused, Mystic asked "Where am I? and why can i speak?!?" as he starred at the white Pegasus. "Hello young one, this is Equith, also known as horse heaven" the white one said. "But i am still alive on earth, i shouldn't been in heaven!", said a rather panicked Mystic. The black Pegasus was the first to explain. "You injured your ankle so this vet person decided you shouldn't live anymore because you are useless" he laughed. "SILENCE! NO ONE said that you could talk!" said the white Pegasus. "My name is Aznavour, and this rude pegasus that i have the misfortune to work with is Zardoca. We are here to decide if you will spend the rest of your years on this planet with the Bleckets or the Devi's group. The Devi's are devils, and the Bleckets are angels" Aznavour explained, being careful not to confuse him even more.

"Whats the difference?" Mystic questioned. This time Zardoca answered. "If you have been a naughty boy on earth you will join me and the Devi's. You will stay black, and will grow wings and not be looked after. You are also going to be used in FIGHTS!" he said. Mystic was scared. "But, if you have been a good boy you will join me and the Bleckets. You will be looked after by Angels everyday and your coat will turn gleaming white and you will have beautiful wings like me" said Aznavour.

An hour later, after watching a sped up version of Mystic's life, Aznavour had decided his destiny. "Mystical Moondancer, you have been an incredibly good boy, and will be joining the Becklets" he announced. Zardoca stomped angrily, as Mystic bowed to Aznavour.

Suddenly, a long shimmering silver horn emerged from under Aznavour's forelock. Mystic's black hairs fell out, and were replaced with soft white ones. Out of his back grew a big pair of wings, they glistened in the warm sun. Then, to his surprise, a horn came out of his head too.  "See you later"  Aznavour said happily. Aznavour formed a small cloud, which floated under Mystic's golden hooves, and carried him down to the land.

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