The Affair (Harry Styles)

Every kiss is a weakness every touch is a must . Deadly love affair tainted with lust , cold hearted with a charming soul the kind that will make lose all sense of control. What am I supposed to do now? I'm so attached to him , and I don't know why . He treated our love like a game . I truly love you but you do not seem to feel the same . A twisted love affair We are both to blame Fooling me with those words Convincing me with those lies Don't you know that I'm not a object... I can see right through your lies


1. Uh..Hi


I was awaken by the sun light beaming into the room, through the thin curtains. I slowly fluttered my eyes open, sensing the brightness pouring over me and sat up in bed, rubbing my eyes.

I looked over at my beautiful husband and stared at him intently , I wonder does he know how much pain he puts me through . I bet he does it for self pleasure .   

I cringed at the thought of him trying to be affectionate towards me . I'm nothing but a punching bag . I have so many scares all over my body cause of him . 

But who am I to complain ? I deserve every slap ,punch and kick . I shouldn't do things to upset him , I should please him instead of trying to go against him. 

I rolled out of the bed and walked down the hall to the bathroom . 

I stood in front of the mirror and I furrowed my eyebrows trying to figure out who is this looking back at me . 

This is surely not the beautiful out going girl who had a laugh that can shake a nation ,a smile that will melt your heart . The crystal blue eyes that can hold a hypnotic stare. 

I shook my head really I see a broke girl with pale eyes that turn green when sadden . A smiled broken and a laugh that was never again to be heard to represent joy that she wasn't feeling . 

I smiled trying to look happy , I winced in pain and remember that he punch me . I examined the purple bruise ,then I saw the much darker purple around my eye . I think this bruise is will never heal . It had been bashed so many times it had taking custom to my face . 

I placed my dull brown hair into a pony tail and reached under the sink and grabbed my foundation and eyeliner . That was the only thing I was allowed to wear.

I caked up my face with foundation so you cant see the black eyes and the bruises around my face . I placed eye liner around my green eyes then I was done . I don't feel pretty at all makeup is suppose to make you feel pretty not to cover up .

I sighed walked out of the bathroom and went back into the room seeing the love of my life sleeping peacefully on the bed ...he was my love of my life . I wonder how does he sleep so peacefully knowing he hurts me . 

I opened my wardrobe and put on the exact same clothes I had on yesterday . It's all I have , I'm not allowed to buy things. I sighed sadly and slip on my TOMS the only pair of shoes I own . 

I grabbed my purse and quickly walked out of the room and went downstairs . I opened the front door and the rush of cold air hit my whole body . I shivered and kept my head down . 
Today is beautiful , I smiled mentally . Everyday I have survived of being beaten to death . I walked past these beautiful houses and the smell of home cook food . My stomach growled , I wish I had my money , I sighed shakily as I walked up the steps to the library . 

I soon as I walked in I felt comfortable maybe even safe . 

"Paige!" , Mrs.Susan yelled . I snapped my head over to her quickly . She gave me a hand gesture to come over there .

I slowly made my way there looking at her honey hazel eyes and her long blonde hair . She looked at my face and frowned "He did it again didn't he " she croaked . I looked her deep in the eyes all I saw was pity.

I'm not good enough for pity . I nodded and licked my lips and cleared my throat "He only does it cause he loves me " I protested . Those words made my heart ache . He doesn't love me ,the only love he showed me is he stopped kicking me .

She placed her small hand on my cheek ."Hun that's not love , a man should never lay his hand on a women " she whispered sadly just think about what happened I imagine .

I nodded she doesn't understand she moved her hand and tried to smile ."We got a new worker today " she says . 

"Okay .." I said not really interested . "If you see him around get to know each other ." She said "Just try ." She begs me . I nodded and walked to the back where the food table is for our lunch break . Mrs.Susan knows if I talk to boys ill be road kill . I grabbed a muffin off the table and bit into it carefully .

I hear a deep chuckled that made my stomach do flips . I directed my attention to .the boy my eyes widen this boys is flawless . His chocolate brown curls going ever where . His electric green eyes staring into my boring greenish blue ones . I took a minute to look at his biceps and his tattoos that are scattered everywhere . 

"Are you done checking me out love ?" The boy sneered .

I coughed and sat down my muffin "I wasn't checking you out sir I'm married ." I say proudly but something deep inside of me wishing I wasn't . 

"Thats lovely .." He trailed off his eyes roaming all of my body . I couldn't help to blush and looked down at my muffin . What's going on with me . I'm blushing now ? I'm a grown women school girls blush . 

"It was a pleasure to meet you sir but I have to get going " I say a picked up my muffin . The boy walked closer to me and my breath quicken .He places his abnormally large hands on my waist and pulls my body closer to his . My stomach is doing flips and my heart is pounding . 

"Hmm why don't you stay here with me and we can make this table come to good use ya ?" He spoke huskily in my ear . My breathing stop I froze .   

"U-uh N-no T-thanks" I stuttered and he laughs and tilted my head to the side . Why aren't I stepping back . He pressed his rosy lips against my pale neck and started leaving wet kisses . 

I let out a moan when he kissed my sweet spot , he pulls away and smirked . I felt completely vulnerable , I felt like he knew that . 

He licked his lips and smiled "Im Harry I have a feeling that we would will get so close." He winks . 

"U-uh Hi I'm Paige " I say softly still amazed at this boy .When he wink he looked so sexy .What !No! Stop ! I have to remind my self that I'm married to a man that beats me . 

He smiled showing off his dimples "Your eyes are changing ." He spoke simply .

I snapped out of my thoughts"To what color ?" 

"Crystal blue" 


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