The Affair (Harry Styles)

Every kiss is a weakness every touch is a must . Deadly love affair tainted with lust , cold hearted with a charming soul the kind that will make lose all sense of control. What am I supposed to do now? I'm so attached to him , and I don't know why . He treated our love like a game . I truly love you but you do not seem to feel the same . A twisted love affair We are both to blame Fooling me with those words Convincing me with those lies Don't you know that I'm not a object... I can see right through your lies


11. My god

-on my page I have a picture of Paige and Anthony if you want to see ----


I felt my body tense , I guess he felt it cause he chuckled and lifted up his hand and dragged thumb over my over  lips . I watched his eyes leave my lips and meeting my stare .

Harry smirked "You have soft lips ..I wonder what they will feel like against mine ." 
Once he said that my stomach erupted in butterflies . I blushed madly .

He spoke huskily " Lets get your this on your face ya ?  "  I nodded and he looked down putting some cream on his index finger and gently rubbed it against my bruised cheek.

I winced when his finger came in contact with it . "Sorry he mumbled apologetically .

'It's fine " I reassured him , he sighs and continued to put the cream all over my face . 

Once he was done he smiled and placed his hands on my thighs . I got this burning sensation from it . 

"Ready to go to sleep? You look exhausted ." He says kindly .

I am exhausted I slept in a bath tub and on the floor for the past years .

"Yes please . " I tired to hop off the counter but I forgot Harry was right there .  He smirked "I know your trying to get off the counter ...but you just grinded your crotch on mine ."

I blush and looked away "S-Sorry "

"It's fine love I enjoyed it but it's a bit earlier for that "  he says cheekily  and winked

I laughed dryly  trying to conceal smiling like a idiot. 

He smiles "Let me carry you .. your to beautiful to walk ." 

"Me? Beautiful ? Are you on drugs "  I say not believing him .

He shakes his head "No love . I just think your so beautiful it takes my breath away " 

I scoffed playfully "Where did you come up with that one ?'

He shrugs laughing  "Google ."  

"Ah " I giggled .

"So .. Let me carry you ?" he ask one again poking out his bottom lip . 

"But Harreh I'm heavy " I whined his eyes lit up again . 

"Be quiet your light as feather " he reassured me "Oh and please save whining and begging for the bed room "

I bit my lip again not knowing how to respond ,"What did I tell you about lip biting ." He growls . 

I looked up at him and stopped , he leaned down and kissed my lips softly before pulling away .  The fact His lips barely touched mines it made my  stomach do flips , I just wanted more . 

Without saying another word He picks me up bridal style and carried me out of the bathroom down stairs . He carried me up the steps , My lips were still tingling from his lips touching mine . 

We made it to the room .

He laid me on the bed gently . God this bed feels so good . I feel like I laying on a cloud 

He leans down and kissed the top of my head , "I'll fix you some tea and sandwich and I bring you pain relievers " he walks out of the room . 

That boy is too perfect he's so nice as well .I rolled over and smelt his pillow god his smell is intoxicating . The way he put his large hands on my thighs the way he kissed my lips almost as if he's afraid I would break . I felt something flutter in my lower stomach this is a unfamiliar feeling . 

My eyes widen when I realized it . I'm Horny ! Oh my god this is embarrassing , good thing girls don't get boners . 

Maybe if I distract myself the feeling will go away.  I stood up off the bed and started snooping around his stuff . I can't help it's a habit .

I went over to his dresser and picked up his picture frame . It was picture of a little girl and boy at a lake . I'm assuming that the little boy is Harry from his wild curly hair and dimples . I furrowed my eyebrows at the picture and looked at the little girl on his back same curly hair and dimples . Such a pretty little girl .

Hmm but something is in the background almost a little girl ,I couldn't make it out it looks like it was . She just stood straight no emotions on her face . Creepy.  I shrugged it off and set the picture down and went over to the bed  and sat down. Soon as I did that Harry walks in smiling .

"Here you go " He smiled his biceps flexing when he hands me the tray . 
I smiled widely "T-thank you so much ." I stuttered trying not to check him out  

"It's no problem ... I'm going to go sleep on the couch " He turn on his heels and walking away 

Couch ? No he can't sleep on the couch .. He done all of this for me at least let me sleep on the couch plus I want him to sleep by me ,

"No you sleep in the bed ...i'll sleep on the couch .." I insisted 

He turns around and shakes his head 

"No you need your rest .." He says honestly 

That's true I do but I'm going to be scared what of Anthony comes   " Sleep with me... I mean in your bed with me " I say nervously 

He chuckled quite sexy ..what's going in with my hormones today  "You sure ?"

I nodded and grabbed the pills and took them . 

"Alright .. But i sleep only in my boxers .' He warned playfully 

" Im pretty sure I can handle myself ." 

" If you say so love " He grabs the collar of his shirt and pulled it off . My eyes raked over his body . My god . 

I grabbed my sandwich and quickly bit it . His tattoos , v line . I continue eating it and turned around so I won't see his body any more . He walked over and laid in the bed . 

I sighed as I finished my sandwich , it was good . I placed the tray on the floor I frowned .

I sat back on the bed and got under the duvet , and my leg brushed Harry's and I felt a shock I believe he felt it too. Harry leaned over and shut off the lap . 

"U-uh Harry ?" 

"Hmm" he hummed 

"Can you hold me " I know I sounded childish .

"Course " he wrapped his arms around me he pulled me and he closer to him . He he moved closer so There were no space between us.

My eyes widen , I feel it ! I feel his penis against my bum ! He's hard ! Oh god ! I want to rub my bum on it . No I can restrain myself god the fluttering in my lower stomach is coming back .



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