The Affair (Harry Styles)

Every kiss is a weakness every touch is a must . Deadly love affair tainted with lust , cold hearted with a charming soul the kind that will make lose all sense of control. What am I supposed to do now? I'm so attached to him , and I don't know why . He treated our love like a game . I truly love you but you do not seem to feel the same . A twisted love affair We are both to blame Fooling me with those words Convincing me with those lies Don't you know that I'm not a object... I can see right through your lies


3. Just Leave Me Alone


I went to the far back of the library , and sat on the ground putting my head in my hands .

Who the hell is that guy , I only met him a second and he's all in my business . He basically raped my neck , all I know about him is his name . I just amazed my eyes went back to blue with his just single touch . 

Surely Anthony will notice and beat me again , it will be my fault once again . I sighed .

I heard someones foot steps against the crisp hardwood floor . I don't bother to look up , the person has sat by me on the floor .

I looked up to see who it was and I frowned it was him . Harry looked at me intently studying my face . I gotten really uncomfortable and I started mindlessly biting my lip .  

"Who hits you ?" He spoke softly 

I stared at him and gave a moment to study his god like features . His rosy plump lips could make any girl go crazy . I looked in his eyes I notice a all to familiar emotion  he looked at me with pity . I can't blame him I pity my own self . 

"Answer me " he says sternly . I breathed shakily and looked down at my lap . "He does it cause I deserve it " I say weakly . In the corner of my eye I saw him ball up his fist . "Listen Harry we just met like 20 minutes ago okay ? So please don't try to ask me my whole life's back story ." 

"This man hits you . It's not your fault no man should ever lay his hand on a woman ." I flinched at his words 

"It's my fault ." I whispered

"No it's not , how long have this man been hitting you for you to convince yourself that it's your fault ?" He  asks 

How long ? Me and Anthony has been together since high school. He started hitting me in 10th grade . He started to do steroids that year so he can beef up for football season . Every since then he's never been the same . 

I should of broke it off but he convince me that no one will love me and my best thing is too lay on my back . He's right completely right  I will never be able to do anything but besides that .

"Uh Paige , why do you zone out so much  answer the question ?"  He asks again . I blinks back my tears holding them in this time . "Oh Im just thinking about my past having it replay in my head ..almost like a movie ." I said . I'm hoping he wont ask that other question again .

He nods ."Thats cool , so are you here for college credit ?" He asks . College ? I haven't been to college since I was 19 and I'm 22 . My life is a waste . 

"No are you ?" I asked and looked at him , Im still amazed he didn't bring up the bruises and stuff . I'm happy he let it go . 

"Actually I am " 

I smiled , "Thats awesome what are you majoring in ?" 

He saw me smile and something lit up in his eyes "Uh English ..I love reading , I really want to become a author" I nodded 

"Thats awes-"

"Hey honey " I heard the all to familiar voice that made my heart stop . I looked from Harry to my husband and my breathing got unsteady .

"Uh H-hi " I quickly stood up and went by his side . 

Harry quickly got up and went to shake his hand."Hello mate" Harry says kindly . 

Anthony look down at his hand and looked at him .Harry quickly put down his hand and his cheeks flushed in embarrassment .

"Hello" Anthony says coldly . Harry looks at him funny probably cause his accent . 

He snaked his arm around my waist , I tensed  he put his nails in my side and I winced .

Harry didn't notice."Me and Paige have to get going , it was a pleasure to meet you "  Anthony says .

Harry nodded "It was a pleasure ." Harry glanced at me then back To him . Anthony didn't like that one bit . He tighten his grip on me . Oh god he's going to beat me . 

"We must get going ." Anthony quickly let go of me and walked away wanting to follow him . I look at Harry with pleading eyes . He approached me and kissed my cheek and walked away . Butterflies erupted in my stomach , I turned around and followed Anthony. I wished I can tell someone half of these things that I have to go through .  

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