The Affair (Harry Styles)

Every kiss is a weakness every touch is a must . Deadly love affair tainted with lust , cold hearted with a charming soul the kind that will make lose all sense of control. What am I supposed to do now? I'm so attached to him , and I don't know why . He treated our love like a game . I truly love you but you do not seem to feel the same . A twisted love affair We are both to blame Fooling me with those words Convincing me with those lies Don't you know that I'm not a object... I can see right through your lies


14. Cars

I stopped sniffing the fabric. I huffed out. Maybe I should tone myself down. That dream..oh that beauiful dream was too much. Harry only doing this because he's sorry for me caring for me and kissing my lips. I'm so dumb .

I walked out of the closet and sat on the edge of the bed. I placed my head in my hands. What am I going to do with my life. I started to tear up. I have to make Anthony love me again. Then maybe we can start over and have a child.

I smiled sadly, even if he wants another woman like the blonde girl I happy with that. A all to familiar stomach ache returned. I breathed out shakily and lifted my head slowly.I stood up and shuffled to the bathroom.

I guess I'm a expert at hiding my internal pain. Like my head for instance. It hurts constantly every since Anthony slammed it against the pavement that day when I had gotten paid and didn't tell him.

I turned on the light in the bathroom and stepped in. I lifted my up big over sized shirt up seeing the huge bruises on my stomach.

I shaking lifted my hand up to touch it. I winced soon as my hand came in contact with it.

A scary thought went through my head at that moment . Anthony started off sweet. But he ended up hurting me. Is Harry like this? No...but every guy is the same my mum says. I take her word.

I nervously bit on my bottom lip.I can't be here. I know I sound bipolar but the realization hit me.

I put my shirt down and turned around Turing off the light walking out of the bathroom.

I dragged my feet against the carpet .I walked down the stairs. I looked around the modern and some what comfy looking living room.

I noticed a book shelves I smiled to myself as I walked over to it. Ignoring the pain I have when I smile.

I ran my hand over the worn out books and picked out the book my mom read to me when I was a child. A book full of Egdar Allen Poe poems.

I held the book tightly in my palm. I went over to the reclining chair and sat down snuggling in it to feel more comfortable. I opened up the book and turn the crisp page and began reading.

Harry's P.O.V

The class was over and I gathered my things. I stood up from my desk .

"Harry..can I speak with you for a moment"

I turned around seeing its Allison.

I smiled "Sure"

"I was wondering if you want to do somthing. ..maybe have a movie night again? Or make a dinner" She asks hopefully

See me and Allison has been on and off for years .I know what me and Paige had last night I was just being nice. I felt sorry for her in all honestly. AllisonsHer short blonde hair and her big Brown eyes made me weak.A hopeful smile played on her lips.

"Uh sure. .your place" I bit my lip.

"My place" She smiled and stepped towards me standing up on her tippy toes pecking my lips. "I wanted to do that all class period. " I chuckled and grabbed her hand intertwining our fingers. We walked out of the class room. I know I feel bad but every thing feel right with her. I rather work on this with her than start over with a broken girl scared of her reflection.

Paige's P.O.V

---Next morning- --

I heard the sound of the front door close followed by a deep sigh. I heard his foot steps going up the stairs. Then I heard foot steps following his. Has Harry brought company?

I slowly opened my eyes seeing a empty living room. I closed the book that I fell asleep reading.

I stood up from the chair and heard foot steps coming down the stairs.

I looked toward the stair case and I froze. It was that blonde girl who call me a waste of space. Harry looked at me and smiled softly.

"Uh Paige this is Allison. .my girlfriend. " He says softly.She looks up at him and kisses his cheek then looked at me smirking.

I nodded slowly then looked at the ground. "H-Harry if you don't mind I'm going to leave." I stated bluntly out of no where.

Harry furrowed his eyebrows" Uh okay.." He says confused.

I nodded again and hurried up the stairs. Going to change my clothes. For some reason I felt betrayed. I was all over him. God I was so stupid. I want to go back to Anthony desperately.

Allison P.O.V

Oh the stupid slut is in trouble.

I texted Anthony

"Hey babe. .guess who I found ;)"

He almost immediately texted back

"Who ?"

I huffed out god he's stupid. I see Harry from the corner of my eye looking at me. I smiled at him and turned my attention towards my phone.

"Paige. "

I smirked to myself I can see how mad he is at her. He told her to leave. But she was gone for a day. That made him mental.

"What! Where is she? "He text.

"456 Pinewood lane and she's with Harry. "

I knew he would kill her that's for sure. I heard her swift moment down the stairs. She wearing the same clothes.

She hurried past Harry. Harry grabbed her arm and I saw fear flash through her eyes.

"Let me take you. " Harry insisted

"N-No I'm fine. .I can walk" She whispered and with that she walked out of the house.

I felt my phone vibrate and I smirked at the message

"The bitch is going to get it this time. "

Paige P.O.V

I have been walking for hours, my feet hurt terribly I knew I developed sores on my feet.

I saw the sky was getting darker. The sun was starting to set.

I heard a engine and I turned around seeing a black car it almost looks like Anthony.

My eyes widen as the car speeded toward me.

My heart sunk and I ran the fastest I could but every thing stopped when I felt a clashing on my lower back knocking me on the ground harshly hitting my head on the pavement. Blood start to come. Everything went white only thing I heard before I was unconscious was

"Tsk Tsk Paige" Anthony voice says coldly.

Allison's P.O.V

My phone vibrated against hip.I dug in my pocket and opened the message. Seeing a picture of Paige on the ground blood leaking out her head. Her body looking to tossed with out a car the text read

"Do you know how to get rid of a dead body"

My stomach dropped I didn't think he would do this. I felt my eyes tear up feeling guilty .Harry looked at my phone and saw the picture.

He snatch the phone away. "What the fuck! " He yelled at me.

I looked down at my lap and fiddled with ny fingers

"Look at me Allison! What did you do!" He yells. I lift my head up slowly.

"I-I told her husband she was with you I didn't know he would do somthing like this" I say hysterically

He began to pace" Oh my God" He whispered to himself.

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