One year | A One Direction fanfic

They say twins can be trouble, but what if you're not just a twin, but a quadruplet?
Ashley, Chloe, Caitlyn and Kimberly - the names of the four sisters. They all look exactly the same and only their closest friends and family can tell them apart. They don't find the fun in switching places in California because they've lived there all their lives, but what will happen when their parents decides to send them away for a year? The four girls used to be best friends but now they're spilt into two different groups. At home they're arguing all the time and their parents have had it!
When they arrive to London they are still divided into their two groups and at school it's the same - Ashley and Kimberly soon get status at school and ends up in the popular group once again...But when one of the popular boys falls for another sister drama is out...
How far will the girls go to get what they want? Will they come together or will they try to sabotage each other? They've got one year...


8. The new place

Caitlyn’s POV


The girls and I found our driver pretty fast, he seemed like a genuine guy, but you never know right? He had a trolley for our bags and most of them were able to fit on it. We had two bags each though that we had to carry ourselves. Not that we would complain, we might be spoiled, but were raised to do stuff ourselves as well.


We arrived at the address after around half an hour. The driver said that we were lucky with the traffic. We got up to the penthouse that our parents had bought for us to live in. It was big, I mean like HUGE! We had seen a few pictures but this was more than I could have ever imagined. The driver had helped us bring up our many bags and as Kimberley, Ashley and I were standing in the biggest of the living rooms. We heard the door close and a few seconds after Chloe were in the room with us.


“WOW, mum and dad really outdone themselves this time…” Chloe said. No one really said anything for a few seconds. We were just stood like we were four 5-year-olds.


“I know,” I said, “this is crazy, just the walk from the entrance to here was long. I know they said we needed to feel like at home, but I didn’t think they would give us this big of an apartment.”


The others all agreed on what I just said and after a few more seconds of just standing there Ashley spoke up,


“Well, I want to see my room for the next year, so excuse me while I call shotgun on first pick.”


Like that I recognized her again, the new her. Chloe called second, I got third and Kimberley got last pick. Not that she didn’t have enough to pick from. We had an 8-room apartment plus a summerhouse on the terrace on our ground floor. We had 8th, 9th and 10th floor. We always ended up picking in this order! Ashley first since she is the oldest and then just down the line until Kimberley had no choice but last again. We had agreed to leave the master bedroom for our parents when they would come to visit. We said that was our reason but I guess we all know it’s because we all love big bedrooms and didn’t wanted to argue over that.


All four of the bedrooms were on the second floor, or ninth if you talk of the whole building, each of the rooms had a huge closet and private bathroom. Chloe and I chose two bedrooms just next to each other and just across from Ashley and Kimberly. We had 4 bedrooms left in the other end of the floor, they were to be used for guests and our parents.


I started unpacking when there was a knock on my door.


“Come in!” I said. Chloe came in and sat down on my bed.


“What are you doing Cait?” She looked at me with a weird glance.


“Unpacking…but I guess it can wait, because I’m starving!”


“Great! Me too! Lets go and get our first British meal of the year.”
I laughed at Chloe and her reaction, this was so typical the two us! We are always ready to eat. We walked downstairs, got our jackets and left. We were soon out on the street.


“So… Were do we go from here?” I asked with a confused tone. We looked at each other and Chloe just looked at me with a face that said that she had absolutely no clue. 


- - - - - - - - - - - 


This was just a short chapter, but I wanted to tell about the apartment! It's huge as you can hear! I found an apartment in London and this is the one I'm describing from, so most that will be said about it throughout the entire story, will be facts about an high class apartment in London... Hope you enjoyed it, please like and comment :-) .xx

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