One year | A One Direction fanfic

They say twins can be trouble, but what if you're not just a twin, but a quadruplet?
Ashley, Chloe, Caitlyn and Kimberly - the names of the four sisters. They all look exactly the same and only their closest friends and family can tell them apart. They don't find the fun in switching places in California because they've lived there all their lives, but what will happen when their parents decides to send them away for a year? The four girls used to be best friends but now they're spilt into two different groups. At home they're arguing all the time and their parents have had it!
When they arrive to London they are still divided into their two groups and at school it's the same - Ashley and Kimberly soon get status at school and ends up in the popular group once again...But when one of the popular boys falls for another sister drama is out...
How far will the girls go to get what they want? Will they come together or will they try to sabotage each other? They've got one year...


7. It's time to say goodbye

Ashley’s POV

“ASHLEY! ARE YOU COMING OR WHAT?” Kimberley yelled from downstairs.

We had agreed to go for a ride before we had to leave tomorrow morning for a year in London. Our birthday party was already long over, it had been 2 days and all the cleaning was done. Not that we did it ourselves, but it looked hard!


“Yeah I’m on my way…relax already,” I said as I was running down the stairs.


We walked out to the car that I had been in so often. Kimberley and I shared a car just like Caitlyn and Chloe. Our brothers also shared a car, but Dylan had a scooter so it was pretty much Brandon’s car. 

“Where are we going first?” Kimberley asked me, I had been in my own thoughts as I was on a trip down memory lane.


“I think the girls are at cheerleading practice, so lets go there and watch them!” I said with a voice where you could hear just the tiniest bit of sadness.


“Yeah lets do that,” Kimberley started and then held a break to collect herself I guess.


“I really miss this already,” she continued.


“Being on the cheerleading team, our shopping days, the days in the spa, the sleepovers!” she laughed a bit as she mentioned the sleepovers. They had always been good fun and now we wouldn’t have another one for an entire year!


“Gosh and the weather and tanned boys on the beach” I finished the things that would be hard living without!

We both started laughing! We were really best friends nothing had ever torn us apart! Not the relationships we had both had or the other people in our schools who tried to become close to us! We were a group of 5 girls and we were always together, but none of the others would ever be as close as Kimberley and I!


We arrived at the field where the girls, as I thought so, were practicing! Kimberley and I used to be co-captains, but 10 days ago we stopped. We had to leave the team because of the fact that we had to move and we needed to get ready. It really sucked!




Chloe’s POV


Kimberley and Ashley had just left, which meant that Caitlyn and I had the entire house to ourselves for the next couple of hours! The boys were both at soccer practice with their friends and our parents were somewhere I don’t know!


“CAITLYYYYYYYYYYYN!!!!” I yelled through the house. She knew that it could only mean two things when it came from me and was said almost laughing… Either we were going to have ice cream or we were going in the pool, and since we had just had brunch like an hour ago, it could only mean POOL TIME!


“What took you so long?” I asked as she came running down the stairs two minutes later.


“I had to put on a bikini,” she laughed. I joined her running and we jumped in the pool together! This was a wonderful way to start the last day we had in a year in this house with this weather! The best thing about London was the fact that Caitlyn would also be there. I can’t even start to imagine my life without her! Then I would be the third wheel with my two other sisters, which would be irritating!     


After a while in the pool where we had been laughing the entire time we laid down on each our pool lounge chair to dry and hopefully get a tiny bit of a tan.


“Chloe?” Caitlyn started and I could tell her voice had changed and she was more serious now than just 2 minutes ago when we were playing in the pool.


“Yeah Cait? What’s up?” I asked back. I don’t like hearing my sister like this. I know that she will miss home! We all will even though we had 4 very different opinions and reactions about going away.


“It’s the best thing right? Going away I mean…Mom and dad are only doing this for our own best, right?” When Caitlyn is like this it means that she is really scared or nervous.

I walked to her chair and sat on side.

“Caitlyn I promise you, this is going to be so much fun. If Kim and Ash won’t be willing to compromise with us, we will always have each other and we will always be together, no matter what happens! You know that!”


Caitlyn soon changed her facial expression and hugged me!


I really hope that London will be as easy as I just told Caitlyn…


Kimberley’s POV


Yesterday went by so fast. Ashley and I had spent the entire day with our friends, saying the last goodbyes before the flight today. The dinner we had had with our entire family had gone by perfectly. Ashley, Chloe, Caitlyn and I hadn’t had one single argument during dinner and I think that really pleased the rest of the family! It all seemed like this would be for the better.


Right now I was in my room taking a final look around my closet, my bathroom and not least my wonderful bed where I’ve spent so much time both good and bad. The others are already downstairs packing the cars.


All 8 of us were now in 4 cars and on our ways to the airport. It was going to be weird saying goodbye to our family I know it’s only for a year but for the last 18 years they’ve been there almost every single day!


We had already checked in our bags (and that were a lot of bags! 4 girls, imagine that) and we were just about to go our separate ways. Mom started to tear up and even though all 4 of us girls tried to deny it we were suckers for tears so soon we would all be there crying.


After 10 minutes of crying, hugging, laughing and a bit more crying, we were now walking alone, like we would be for the next 12 months. Today it’s August 14th and on August 14th 2014 we will be back here and say hello to our friends and family again… It all seems so far away right now.


We flew first class, which was a really good thing, because now, after a 10 hours and 30 minutes flight, I can’t imagine ever standing up straight without being in pain.


We all got our suitcases and walked together, we were about to be picked up by a driver! Our parents had said, that we couldn’t drive here because the steering wheel is in the other side and they drive the opposite side of the road as we are used to!


I was a bit behind the others but they stood still and as soon as I got to them Chloe looked around to all of us and said,


“Well girls… this is it. Welcome to London!” With those words we walked through the doors and were met by extremely many people who where there to pick people up.


“Yeah… Welcome to London,” I said again, sure that only I could hear…


- - - - - - - - - - -


Here it was...The first real chapter! 

What do you think?? Please comment bellow and tell me what you think of it :-) 

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