Wild Childs ➳ H.S. & N.H.

The Pittman twins had everything in Melbourne, Australia. They were the most popular girls in school but also the nicest. They weren't afraid of being wild and crazy but when their wildness takes it over the edge their parents force them to move the U.K. Laney and Taylor keep to themselves not wanting to know anybody. But can five boys change that? Will they bring back Taylor and Laney's wild sides?
© All rights reserved Fvckmeharrystyles 2013


19. He did what!?

Taylor's p.o.v

I woke up in a hospital bed, with Niall, Laney, and Harry staring at me. I went to yawn and winced at the pain. 

"Why am I in a hospital? And what happened to you Niall!?" I asked looking around the room.

"Sterling started punching Niall, and you kinda got in the way and Sterling punched you. You broke your jaw, but you should be fine soon." Harry said getting up. 

"I beat the shit out of him after he hit you though, babe. Your friends took him to the airport, so he could get the hell out of here." Niall said, with his black eye and busted lip.

"Wait, so he hit me? What is wrong with him?! I'm so glad I dumped his ass, but can I leave?" I asked about to fall back asleep.

"Yeah, Harry just went to find a doctor! Do you wanna go have another bonfire, or no?" Laney said with a smile. 

"Yeah, I never got to finish the other one, so lets have it! Does Aunt C know we're here?" I asked

"Mhm, I called her when we got here. She said to come home in the morning, and not to tell mom and dad!" She said as the doctor and Harry walked in. 

"Okay, Miss. Horan. You can go, just make sure not to hit it again, and to ice all the time!" he said. 

I got out of the bed laughing that he called me Miss. Horan. I was still in a lot of pain, but I was excited to go and finish the bonfire with my friends and Niall! 

Laney's p.o.v

I was still in shock after seeing my sister getting hit by Sterling. It's good, he's going home though, because the boys would beat his ass again. We left the hospital about 20 minutes later and got home a little less than an hour later. The other guys and girls met us at the boys house for another bonfire. 

"So how's your face?!" asked Liam when we walked up. 

"It's good. I look like shit, but hey he's gone so lets party!"  Everyone laughed. 

I was sitting next to Harry drinking something mixed with vodka. He nudged my knee and nodded towards the house. Chelsea and Louis were already in the house and the girls went to their hotel. I stood up grabbing Harry's hand, and went to say night to my sister and Niall.

"Goodnight baby. Sorry about your face. We're going to bed, love you!" 

"Love you too. Niall and I are in just a minute. Goodnight Harry!" Taylor yelled.

I walked over to Harry jumping on his back. Minus the whole Taylor getting punched thing, this night was pretty amazing. 

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