Always and forever

This is the sequel to love at first sight!

Will taj and jaden still get married?
Will someone ruin everything?


19. happy family

I woke up this morning to see jaden taking care of Carmello so I went back to sleep for a little bit when I woke up again jaden was looking at me as he had his arms around me "how long have you been doing that" "since I put Carmello to sleep a couple minutes ago" "oh well I'm hungry" "already made breakfast" "you did" "yeah after I put Carmello to bed I made some breakfast than I started to cuddle you" "Aweh thank you babe" "your welcome. You deserve it after all this time of only you mainly taking care of Carmello while I am working" "well someone has to work" "but we both have to take care of our son" "I know just don't" "don't what" "never mind" "okay than let's go eat" After breakfast we changed than I changed Carmello and me and jaden sat down on the couch while Carmello laid in his playpin and we all watched some tv.

Today we are going to see jen and justin so I got Carmello ready than I got myself ready while jaden was watching Carmello. We drove over to jen and Justin's house and when we got there justin and jen were already waiting outside "yay your finally here" jen said as she gave me a huge hug but I still kept space for her big belly because the baby "hey little sis" "hey big brother" i said giving him a hug next than I grabbed Carmello out of jadens arms so jaden could do his thing with justin "Aweh he's getting so big" "I know" "he looks so much like jaden too" "yeah he does he even acts like him too" "let's hope he has some of you though" "I know right" "yeah..." "You wanna hold him" "yes" I handed Carmello to jen and made sure she was holding him right "I can't wait till I give birth""tired of bieng pregnant huh" "yes so tired" "you know you'll never get sleep and you'll have to be a stay at home mom for a long time right" "yeah but I don't mind that" "okay than" the rest of the day we just talked and talked while taking turns with Carmello than when Carmello started to get

Tired we headed home than put him to bed.

After changing, feeding, than putting Carmello to bed to sleep I stripped down and hopped into the shower, in the middle of my shower jaden hopped in too "mind if I join" "not at all" "good" "hey do you mind getting my back" "sure" "thanks ja". After our shower I got dressed than went to check on Carmello an from the looks of it he just woke up "hey there Carmello did you have nice sleep" he just smiled and did his little giggle pretty much saying he did, I changed him, feed him, burped him, than I laid down on the floor and started to lift him up and down into the air making cute/funny baby noises to make him laugh and smile than jaden came down and we all played together.

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