Always and forever

This is the sequel to love at first sight!

Will taj and jaden still get married?
Will someone ruin everything?


1. Getting ready for the day

It has been 2 weeks since jaden asked me to marry him and I said yes, so far no one knows still mostly because we are waiting to tell everyone when were all together and that will be tonight. It will be a good night to tell everyone together at the big family get together(barbecue) . 


I woke up looking at jaden as he was still asleep, when justin walked in I turned and looked at justin in a way of asking he was doing in here. "Hey taj do you know the adress to your family get together incase me and Jen wanna go or show up?" "Yea ill text you it later" "you two are such love birds" "I know but it's because I do love him" "yea I can tell by the way you look at him nomatter if he's awake or asleep or fake sleeping" as he winked when he said fake sleeping "okay well I'll see you later I'm going to go take a shower" "Kay bye" "bye see you later"

i turned around and say jaden smiling in his "sleep" so I kissed him awake and he didn't move or anything, so I kissed him again still not anything, so this time I kissed him harder he moved but when he moved he turned so he was "asleep" on his back so I got out of bed went to go take a shower. I went in the bathroom closed the door took my clothes off turned the water on than I relized I forgot clothes I put my towel on went out to my room crabbed clothes and went back to the bathroom but when I walked in jaden had all his clothes over the place I put the clothes down and looked in the shower jaden was totally naked "hey babygirl come in with me" he said with a big smirk "I knew you were awake, but yea ill come in with you" I took the towel off and hoped in.

me and jaden washed each other off, put clothes on than ran downstairs to eat breakfast ((I was wearing a very light baby blue dress that turned a very light pink at the bottom and when in at my waist and went down to the middle if my thighs with my light baby blue vans on, I had my hair going strait down and ending with little curls and lipgloss and mascara and eye liner, jaden was wearing baggy jeans but not to baggy a black V-neck tank top with his chain necklace and his blue varsity jacket that had a T on it for my name)) there was Jen, justin, my mom, stepdad((nick)), lew, saiah, and na were at the table eating there breakfast as well all dressed and ready. After we all ate our breakfast we got the stuff we needed went to the store and got more stuff and than we headed to the family get together.


when we got there ALL my family was there ((my family was taking up the hole street)) it was going to take hours on end to introduce my family to jaden, but apparently I didn't cause everyone in my family already knew him somehow. Than on my way to eat I heard lots of kids playing in the backyard I went back there and say all these little kids playing with this one guy that was just the same hieght as jaden and he had blonde hair and light blue eyes. He wasn't one of my cuzins cause non of my cuzins have blind hair and even if they did it was at birth and as they get older it changes. He was playing around with all the younger kids and lettin them tackle him and all this other cute stuff than he caught me staring at him and the younger kids and how he plays with them "hey you wanna come play too" he said with a smile as he came over to me grabbing my hand and taking me to play with "yea sure I'd love too play with all of you" I said smiling back than one of the you get kids came up to him it was a little boy two of them they looked up at him and than at me asking what my name and age is and if I was a friend or cuzin I looked at them and told them my name is taj I'm 20 and I don't know I'm seeing slot of people lately that I don't know so I don't remember who is who to me. And they said okay than turned back to there game as I went to go play with them but than he dragged me behind the trees in the backyard. "Why are you taking me back here, and what's your name?" "I am taking you back here so we can hangout a little and get to know each other and see if we cuzin or friends, and my name is tony" 

taj: oh well tony how old are you?

tony: 19

taj: what do you do for a living and for fun

 tony: I work in a day care and for fun I go hangout with friends, play basketball, or go places to talk to pretty girls in blue dresses" he said blushing 

taj; well tony it's your turn

 tony: well

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