Always and forever

This is the sequel to love at first sight!

Will taj and jaden still get married?
Will someone ruin everything?


17. getting better

I can't believe it's already been 8 months that I've been carrying this baby inside me. I'm so happy and proud to become a mother and I can't wait to see him and hold him in my arms when he is born. Going through all this pregnancy stuff and going though all the drama that comes along with not only being famous still but also being married to jaden I'm just so happy for this baby to come out. Don't get me wrong I love the feeling of a human life living inside me and growing and kicking it's a special feeling but since it's been 8 months an the baby will be coming out soon things are getting pretty tense around here but there are still some not so tense times. "Hey beautiful" jaden said kissing my lips as he walked through the door and over to me where I am sitting on the couch watching tv "I got all the stuff you wanted, oh and jen and justin called they wanted to know when were going to have a baby shower" "umm tell jen to call the moms an plan it I don't care when it is" "okay honey" okay I'm tired of being so lazy I gotta do something "hey ja why don't we go somewhere or something" "now babygirl you know you have to start being in rest mode more now since that the baby can come anytime now" "but I'm just so bored" "well beautiful you already finished your 2 new albums and the baby is even more closer to being born and-" "okay I get it babe but still I'm so bored" "okay well how about I put in a movie we haven't seen yet and than from there we can watch a bunch of other movies we haven't seen while eating everything I got you today" "that sounds nice.. Well the eating part, I'm so hungry" "okay here you go beautiful" jaden said while setting up the coffee table with nothing but bags of chips, candy, sodas, & chocolates. We watched almost every movie already and mostly I eat all the food. I have a big appetite. We are now currently watching 'American pie: Reunion'. We already watched the other ones an to be honest these American pie movies are hilarious.

*ding dong*

"I'll get it" jaden said as he got up and walked over to the door "babygirl come over here" thank god I get to walk around "okay be right there" I walked over to the door and saw jen "oh my gosh jen I missed you" I said giving her a huge hug "I missed you too taj, and wow the tummy is huge I would have thought you were having twins if I didn't know before" "yeah I am huge but I won't be anytime soon" "oh yeah about that I talked to both moms and we agreed on having the baby shower here tomorrow is that okay" "yeah it's fine I'm not doing anything tomorrow an I need more people to talk to" "okay good, well can I come in" "of course come in". We all went and sat down in the living room an it was silent for a while and I don't like silent very much so I went to say something random when "I'm pregnant, and it's a girl" "OH MY GOSH.. I mean I can't believe it that's so great when did you find out" "I found out near the end of Justin's tour and sortly after I did some modeling" "that's amazing jen I'm happy for you and Justin I'll be praying for because dealing with a pregnant woman can be-" jaden said as I gave him the than turned back to jen "okay so how far along are you" "I'm three and a half months pregnant" "wow really you are bearly showing though" "yeah I know but I am" "wow that's amazing..oh my we have to have the baby shower for both of us" "oh no it's your shower not mine" "I don't care we are having the baby shower together" "taj I told you-" "to bad we are both having a baby shower together and that's final, I'm not taking no for an answer" "okay okay fine calm down before you pop a vain or something" "Kay good". I got up and went up to the nursery room that was set up with blue walls and had stuff that a boy would need. Jaden has been the one going all out for the baby since it's his first baby and it's a boy. I went into the closet and grabbed my old baby stuff. I kept ALL my baby/toddler stuff for when I have a girl one day. And grabbed a cute little pink baby blouse dress with matching shoes, I walked back downstairs an to the living room "hey jen I want you to have this as a early baby present" "oh my, taj it's beautiful I love it. Thank you so much" than she gave me a warm hug "your welcome" "okay now jen try not to hurt my baby" "our baby ja" "I know it's our baby" than someone's phone went off "oh sorry I got to go now but I'll see you tomorrow" "okay bye jen see you tomorrow" than she left and it was just me and jaden again.

I woke up took a shower did my hair than put on a blue jean looking dress with the one strap on it I did my makeup than curled my hair. I went downstairs and started to cook some food for the baby shower even though people will also be bringing over food and other stuff for my baby and jens baby, "darling your not supost to be cooking" I jumped a little and turned around to see my mom coming over to me after putting all her bags down I checked the time and it is 11pm "oh mom you scared me, an I'm fine it's just cooking" she gave me a huge hug "I know, you know your just like me in that way you don't like being lazy you always want to do something.. Just be careful" "I am mom I promise" "okay so I'm going to have the boys of the family and I get the food and tables and everything else ready you be careful and if you need me just call my name and I'll be here" "okay mom".

It's now 2pm and everyone is here(family and friends) there are tables set up in the living room one for food & deserts and one for presents. Half the food & deserts are gone and the table is already filled with presents for me and jen so we had to start putting some under the table "hey little sister" justin said "hey big brother" I said back with a smile(since jen is like a sister to me an since him and jen got married a couple months ago he is even more like a older brother to me than before) "you look huge" "haha really funny justin" "well you do but your still beautiful" "thanks and I'm really happy for you and jen I bet you that babygirl is going to be super beautiful" "yeah I hope she looks like her mother a lot" "Aweh that's cute, I'm sure she will. And with you and her as the father she is going to have a hard time dating when she is older" "don't talk about that she will meet grow up and she can not date till I'm dead" "hahaha okay I won't bring it up calm down, if it makes you feel better than you can do that when I have a girl someday" "oh I will so that a lot" "hey taj come over here real quick" my mom(jada) said to me "okay mom be right there" I hugged justin than went over to the living room where mom and everyone else was. "Oh honey you look absolutely gorgeous" "thanks mom" "okay well here is a present from me and your father" I opened the small envelope and it was the payment for the house on the island that me and jaden went to "oh mom I really can't take this it's you and dad's place" "no it's not it's your now" "I looked at the payment and it was true everything on that island was me and jadens now "oh mom you shouldn't have I mean" "it's fine an to late it's already yours" "thank you so much" "no problem at all"

*jens prov*

Me and taj have been getting so much attention today it's crazy I mean it is a baby shower and me and taj are both pregnant but like every second someone is calling me or taj's name. But before I get into anything in going to tell you how my life has been since last time. My life is amazing I'm three months pregnant with a baby girl, me and justin got married a couple months ago, my modeling career went way high up so I'm now a model for Victoria secret but since I've become pregnant I've just been doing my other modeling, so yeah life is great. Back the the baby shower. Justin started to pack the stuff for our baby in the car for when we leave as for me and everyone else(aka taj) were eating almost everything left over. "Hey jen do you know what your going to name her when she is born" "yeah me and justin already went threw names, to be honest he is more excited about the baby than I am. I mean I'm excited about the baby but justin is like overboard with it" "what do you mean" she said laughing a little bit "well as soon as I told him he jumped up and started smiling and acting like a kid that just got ice cream" "haha that's funny" "yeah but after that he has been talking about names and we agreed on one, than after that he already made her room" "wow I can tell what kind of dad he's going to be" "haha yeah I know right" "so what did you both decide the baby's name is going to be" "well we were thinking Chantal bieber" "oh that's so cute" "yeah what about you and jaden, like what has he been like and what are you gonna name your baby" "oh well jaden has his justin moment-" "justin moments?" "Yeah you know where he acts like how justin has been acting about the baby" "oh okay keep going" "Kay so jaden has his justin moment every now and than but mostly he has been pretty normal about it all. And we kind of had a little un-agreement on the name but you already know who won" "who jaden" "no me" "I know I was messing with you. So what's the name going to be" "Carmello or Valentino smith" "yeah I still don't like those names they are to Italian for my boy" jaden said as he came up behind taj and made her jump "well to bad, and they are not" "oh yes they are" "fine maybe they are but they can have Italian names put baby may look black but because of me he is also Italian, Irish, Mexican, Indian, and Armenian" "but why such Italian names babygirl" "because I love those names and I've always wanted to name my son/sons those names from when I was a little girl" "fine but I still get to chose our next child's name" "so that's how you won" "yes but who cares just as long as I get my names" "wow taj"

It was now the end of the day and me and justin were at home. He already put all the baby stuff away so we were not eating Chinese food and watching movies downstairs. "Hey beautiful" "yeah justin" "I just thought about all this pregnancy stuff and when I was talking to jaden today" "what is it just tell me" "what am I going to do this this" as he pointed to his --- "what do you mean by that" "I mean like jaden and taj haven't had sex/made love since the third month of her being pregnant, so what am I going to do if I get needy or something" "you know what you can do with it you've been doing it for however long, and maybe we can still have sex/make love sometimes just as long as your careful" "of course I'll be careful I just was asking because I don't want to have to ---- whenever I get needy of something" "okay justin okay" than I gave him a kiss on the lips. Later that night after eating and after the movies we went upstairs stripped down to almost nothing than got under the covers justin wrapped his arm around me than fell asleep.

*Jadens prov*

I just got done putting everything away and cleaning up the house taj is asleep upstairs so I just decided to grab a beer than sit down on the couch and watch a little tv. I had been flipping threw the channels till I found one of my favorite show and the cool thing it was having a marathon so I put the remote down opened my beef and relaxed. I was now at the 2nd season 4th episode(there are only 12-14 episodes each season) an I was starting to get super tired so I turned off the tv and went upstairs, when I got to my room taj wasn't there so I turned on the light and looked around the room and the bathroom light was on. I didn't really care now because she does that every night she gets up and goes to the bathroom so I went to take my shirt pants off but she came running out the bathroom with only one of my really old baggy t-shirts. I looked up at her and she had this look on her face and it made me worry what was wrong so I ran over to her grabbed her by the waist "what's wrong beautiful" "my water just broke"

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