The Twins: Harry and Marcel Styles

What happens when best friends date the opposite of themselves. Nerdy Aubrey Gomez (18) dates the captain of the varsity soccer team, Harry Styles and her best friend captain of the softball team, Aria Montgomery dates the nerdiest boy in school, Marcel Styles. Twins and best friends meant to be?


13. Oatmeal .


Harry's P.O.V

It had been 3 days since we arrived at the cabin and not one word from her, she slept most of the day and when she was awake, she'd sit on the couch looking outside or watched movies. She'd end up falling asleep and I'd end up carrying her to bed. She would barely eat anything. And I cannot explain how much it hurts to see her this way because of me. But, today was different, she woke up and showered, she actually got ready. I observed as she ate a big bowl of oatmeal with fruits sprinkled on top. She looked up and smiled.


"Your plate is on the counter." she spoke. I nodded and walked towards her.

"Thanks," I smiled. 

"So, what have you been up to?" I looked up at her, a bit shocked. I wasn't expecting her to start a conversation with me. I had no idea what to say so I spoke without thinking.

"Uhhhh, read?" she laughed at my reply.

"Harry Styles, read?" she laughed even harder.

"HA HA," I laughed sarcastically, "You know that's offensive."

"I just thought you'd come up with a better answer. Harry, you don't read." she smiled.

"I know.." I let out a chuckle.

"Can we go out today?" she looked at me intently. I looked at her with confused eyes.

"Um, yeah. What do you wanna do?" I smiled.

"Well..." she pulled out a few printed papers, "I was doing some research and theirs a fair in the next city. We could spend the day there and then drive back here at night. It's only a two hour drive. I'll drive there and back if you want." she grinned as she caught her breath from what she had just said.

"You did research? When?" I said, looking through the papers she had given me.

"Yesterday, when you were outside kicking the ball." I nodded.

"I didn't know you were awake."

"I didn't want you to worry. " she looked down at the table.

"You didn't want me to worry? Aubrey, you didn't speak for 2 entire days. I was worried sick. I sat there and watched you sleep and when you weren't asleep I watched as you stared out the window with no expression. Why wouldn't you talk to me?"

"I... I didn't know what to say to you. I regretted the words I said to you right after I said them. I sat there figuring out how to start a conversation, but everything I came up with was just... shit. And I finally decided to just make you breakfast." I nodded.

"Go get your things, we're going to the fair." 

"Really?! OH MY GOODNESS! I'm so excited, like you have no idea." she jumped up and down. I laughed. "I love you so much." she hugged me.

"Me too," I smiled at her. "and you have no idea how long i've been waiting for those words to come out of your mouth again."

We grabbed our things and got in the car. We drove for two hours until we reached a small town, as soon as she saw the Ferris wheel, she began to jump and down in her seat.

"You excited," I laughed.

"Very." she smiled as I parked the car. She got out of the car and waited for me, when I finally walked up to her, she grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards the entrance. I laughed at how eager she was to get inside.

The entire day was spent with laughs and fun. And I couldn't help but think that I finally had Aubrey back. My Aubrey.



Sorry for the short chapter guys. It's just a chapter I wrote in order to update. I will  be updating more soon. 


I love you!


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