The Twins: Harry and Marcel Styles

What happens when best friends date the opposite of themselves. Nerdy Aubrey Gomez (18) dates the captain of the varsity soccer team, Harry Styles and her best friend captain of the softball team, Aria Montgomery dates the nerdiest boy in school, Marcel Styles. Twins and best friends meant to be?


1. Meet Marcel and Aria .

Marcel's P.O.V

"Harry, C'MON! I don't want to be late again. Mr. Sanchez already hates me for the last time I was late." I yelled.

My name is Marcel, Marcel Styles. I am one of the twins here in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. Yes, I have a twin brother, Harry. And no, we are not those best friend, dress alike kinda twins. In fact, we are complete opposites, we hang out in completely different social groups. See, while I am known as the geek in school and only have three or four friends, my brother is known as the captain of the varsity football team the most popular kid in school.

"Yea Marcel, I know. You say that every time we're late. You don't want to be late because blah, blah, blah. Or maybe it's because you want to see Aria. We don't have to go in the same car you know, I have my motorcycle." he smirked.

"No, seeing Aria in 4 out of 6 of my classes is just a plus side to my day. She also has the locker next to mine this year." I smiled at the thought of seeing the girl that lived across the street from us everyday next to my locker.When we were 5 years old, Aria and I became the best friends, so much so that we used to pretend I was her husband and she was my wife and that we had children. Her dolls were our children. But, of course as the years went by we grew more distant seeing as I was the biggest nerd at school and she was captain of the softball team.

"And anyways mom said you can't-" He interrupted me before I could finish my sentence.

"Yea, yea. I know what mom said, Marcel. Just be quiet, get in the car and drive."

The drive to school was silent. I know that by bringing up the whole motorcycle thing he had gotten a bit irritated with me. My mother had taken away his motorcycle privileges two weeks ago when she found out he had been ditching Maths for the head cheerleader, who was nothing but trouble for him. Of course, Harry doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment but he sure had been acting out for that girl, he denied liking her but it was obvious he did. As we reached the school parking lot, I parked the car in the usual space. Harry got a lot of greetings while I struggled to carry my book bag that contained my AP Calculus and Physics books.

"Hey Harry."

"How you doing Harry."

"Harry, what's up?"

"My boy, Harry! What's up, man?"

I bumped into a couple of people as I walked through the hallway towards my locker. Finally, I reached the safety of my locker and there she was, right next to my locker in possibly the simplest of outfits. Light, blue jeans, a tan shirt with black designs, a light knitted sweater and white tennis shoes and a floral backpack on her back. Her make up was simple and her air was up in a bun. Bright, cherry red lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, light eyeshadow and blush.  She was perfection. She probably noticed I was staring because she actually started talking to me.

"Hey Marcel. How have you been?" she smiled at me, a physics book in her hand and a beautiful smile on her face.

"H-hey Aria. I've been just wonderful, what about you?" I smiled at her.

"That's good to hear. I've been fantastic." she smiled. "Well, I should go. I have to talk to coach before the bell rings." she smiled, closing her locker. "I'll see you in class."

"Alright. I'll see you in class." I waved as she walked down the hall.


I walked into Physics right as the bell started to ring. My eyes wandered around the classroom searching for Aria but she was nowhere in sight, she was probably going to be late.

"Alright, class. Quiet down, take your seats. Today, we will be starting a new project called Egg Crush. I will be handing out a sheet with the instructions and the rules of this project in just a moment. You will need a partner and you will only have 15 seconds to find one. Ready, go!" 

The class scurried around the classroom to find a partner while I stayed in my seat, watching as everyone went to their friends and started conversing.

"Alright class, put your desks in a group of two and I will start passing these out, I want you to have at least an idea of how you are going to do this project by the end of this class. This project is due on Monday morning. Start planning to meet up after school or-"

The teacher was interrupted by someone opening the classroom door. The class went silent but immediately want back to their conversation once they saw it was only, Aria.

"Ah, Miss. Montgomery , nice of you to join us this wonderful Thursday morning." the teacher spoke, irritation of the interruption noticeable in his tone. "We are starting a partner project as you can see by the classroom, seems everyone has a partner except Mr. Styles over there, he will be your partner. This is good seeing as your grade in here isn't the best."

Aria faked a smile, thanked him and started walking towards me. I got up and pulled an empty desk in front of mine for her.

"Hey, Marcel." she gave me a small smile and sat down. " Thanks for the desk, I could have gotten it myself though," she giggled, "so, I guess we're partners."

"I believe we are." I said looking at the project sheet. "I was thinking we can work on this over today and tomorrow and then over the weekend at my house or yours, which ever you'd prefer." 

"Um, okay. How about you come to mine tonight and we can hang out, order some pizza's and watch a couple movies and plan the whole experiment, then I go over to yours tomorrow, then you come to mine on Saturday and then Sunday we just go to the park and chill, we'll discuss our finished product." she grinned.

"Sounds like a plan." I grinned back.

"Alright class let's discuss the project. The object is to build a contraption that will protect an egg from being crushed. Now, you may only use: flat wooden toothpicks and wood glue. Get started."

The bell rang, signaling the end of the period. I got up and started  walking out of the classroom.

"Hey, Marcel, wait up." I heard her angelic voice call.

"Yea?" I said as she caught up to me.

"I was looking at your grade in English and I noticed you have the highest in the class," she looked at me as we reached our lockers, "Maybe you can tutor me because my grade in there isn't the best and coach told me this morning that I can't play until I get my grades up before season starts."

"Sure, we'll start tutoring after we get this project over with." I smiled, opening my locker.

"Really? Thank you so much for helping me, Marcel." she said excitedly and hugged me. I was first surprised that she hugged me but then I wrapped my arms around her. When we broke apart we went back to digging in our lockers.

"No problem," I spoke. "glad I can help." I grabbed my English book, she did the same.

"Now, let's go to English." she smiled sweetly.

"Let's." I smiled back at her.


The day went by pretty fast, considering it was such a good day.

"Hey, honey." my mom said as I walked into the kitchen. "How was your day? Where's Harry?" she smiled.

"He's at football practice, he texted me telling me that he was gonna stay late and that he'll walk home. But my day was great mom, you'll never guess what happened."

"Okay and what happened, sweetheart, tell me all about it."

"Aria and I started talking again and we're partners for a project, she also asked me to tutor her." I grinned.

"That's great, sweetheart. I remember you two being the best of friends, I know you love her Marcel. Take this as an opportunity. Tell her you love her." she smiled.

"Thanks mum. I will. I'm going to her house in an hour." I said walking out of the kitchen with a bottle of water.

"Okay, sweetie. Have fun." she said.

I walked upstairs and it was only 6:00 p.m.. I decided I should change into something less stuffy, I changed from my white long sleeve, black tie and brown vest to a Ramones t-shirt and some jeans. I put on my glasses and I was set. It was now 6:45 p.m. and I was ready to go.


30 minutes later...

"Bye mom, i'll be back later." I shouted as I walked out of my house. I was carrying my Physics book, a notebook, pencils, pens and highlighters. I walked across the street and up to Aria's door. I fixed my hair and knocked.

"Coming!" I heard Aria shout. I heard footsteps on running down stairs and then she opened the door.

"Oh, hey Marcel." she smiled and hugged me, I returned the hug. She took a step back. "Come on in. You can set your stuff on the coffee table in the living room. I absolutely love your shirt."

"Thanks. I love your everything." I said, grinning at her.

"Wow, thanks. Would you like anything to drink?" she giggled.

"Water will be fine," I said looking at her. "thank you."

"I will be right back with that." she said smiling and walking towards the kitchen. I looked around and it was beautifully decorated, the walls were a tan color and the sofas were black and white, a red lamp on a small side table and the mall coffee table in the center, a plasma t.v. on another table and three windows lighting up the room also some paintings and pictures of her. 

"Here's your water," she walked back in, "Sorry, I took so long, I was making a fruit dish just in case we got hungry." she smiled.

"It's fine." I smiled back.

"Okay." she simple replied, "Hey, my dad should be back anytime now and he likes to watch t.v. when he gets home in here so do you mind if we go study and start this thing in my room?"

"Sure." I smiled.

"Okay, great, you go ahead on up and I will order the pizzas then I will be right up. Go up, take a right, second door on your left." she smiled.

"Uhhh... okay." I said walking upstairs. I walked towards the door that she directed me to go to and I was not expecting her room to look all hipster. She had photography on every wall pictures of her and her friends and twinkling lights over the head of her bed. The wall over the head of her bad caught my attention though, I looked at the photographs and instantly recognized myself in many of the pictures with her. Some of when we were small and some from freshmen year. I smiled and examined them, remembering when each was taken.

"You like them?" I heard a voice at the door.

"Yea, I just didn't think you'd kept all these pictures of us after we stopped hanging out. I gave her a weak smile.

"Marcel, I have kept every picture we've taken, some of them aren't even up yet, they're in a box. I can't decide how or where to put them all up, there's just so many of us." I let out a light chuckle.

"I know, you've always had an obsession with photography." I smiled.

"I still have the old vintage camera you gave me on my 15th birthday." she smiled while walking towards a shelf that had a class case sitting on it. She carefully took the glass box and made her way over to the bed.

I looked and sure enough, the camera was sitting inside the case.

"You have it in a glass box?" I asked.

"Yea, i've always loved it so much. My best friend gave it to me, I wouldn't want it to get dirty or anything." she giggled.

"Best friend.." I smiled. The door bell rang.

"That must be the pizzas. I'll go get them." she smiled, walking out of the room.

I looked around and saw more and more pictures of us.

"Here we go." she walked back in.

"Thanks." I smiled. She placed the boxes on the bed, took a slice and began eating it. I did the same.

"Marcel, I need to come out and say something and i'm really scared to say it because i've been hiding this since like 7th grade." she said nervously.

"Shoot." I smiled.

"I... um.. let's see, how should I put this? I stopped talking to you in 10th grade because I grew feelings for you, I didn't see you as a best friend anymore, I saw you as more. But you were with Alexis at the time and I couldn't tell you. So, I distanced myself and then when Mr. Sanchez partnered us up, I was happy because I finally had a chance to fix things and I-" she looked down as I cut her off.

"I grew feelings too, since before 7th grade, I knew I loved you from the moment I met you." I smiled. Finally, my true feelings were out, "I just never told you because I knew a girl like yourself, popular and beautiful, would never love a guy like me, with the glasses and being the biggest nerd in school. But, I love you. I always have."

With that, I pressed my lips to hers and felt a zillion butterflies erupt in my stomach. 

"I've been waiting to do that since the moment I met you." I whispered as we pulled apart.

"I'm glad you waited." she whispered back.

"Be my girlfriend?"

"Yes, Marcel."

I pressed my lips against hers once more and smiled.

"I love you." she whispered against my lips.

"I love you too." 


Best day of my life.



A/N: Okay, so I don't know if this is any good but I tried my best to explain how Marcel and Aria ended up together, I hope it explains it well.

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Then, I will explain Aubrey and Aria's friendship. 

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