Too Late To Apologize

Harley always said that she would wait until marriage to have sex, but her boyfriend seduced her to. Now she has a child on her own because when she was pregnant, boyfriend Niall Horan left to be in a band not knowing she was pregnant. Harley has to tell her daughter Karey that she doesn't have a dad. Her BFFs Lizzy and Makayla help out by being Karey's aunts, but it's still hard. But when Harley runs into Niall's band mate Harry, will everything change for everyone??


12. Four Given


                                                   Hey guys!! It's me again!! Well, that's it for "Too Late To Apologize" But not the end of the story!! Check out "Four Given" the sequel to this book. Leave what you thought of "Too Late To Apologize" in the comments please!! Goodbye my lovelies!!! More adventures for Harley, Karey, Niall, and LEO!!! Plus, things change for others too!! Read "Four Given" for the birth of Leo James Horan!!! <3

                                                                                                          Love Your Friend,

                                                                                                                    Mama Dimples

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