Should I Turn Him Down?

When Lily's ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber becomes famous and she finds out he is moving only 40 minutes drive away what is a 17 year to do? After finding mysteriously 'juicy' messages left on her current boy friends phone from random girls and comments on just ins youtube videos saying their together what can she do? Will she be able to get out of her sticky situation before justin finds out about her new boyfriend max? and before max knows about justin?


2. (2) Justin came back

Chapter 2: Justin came back…


You see I thought everything was perfect it is one month to prom and I was really exited because I had gotten the prettiest dress,

(Can someone comment weather or not you can see this photo so I know for next time … if u can’t see it’s a picture of her prom dress)

but last night, I was on you tube and I saw my ex-boyfriend had become a phenomenon- 6 billion views and over 100 million likes in 3 hours! I couldn’t believe it, Justin and I had been inseparable, but when I moved away because of my dads work early two years ago we had decided that long distance relationships never worked and that we would both remember the great times we had together. But there he was sing his heart out, with the same expression on his face as the one he had on his face when I had left him those moths ago. I went and looked in the comments and there was MY name, this song is for my wonderful girlfriend lily, I love you so much, you meant the world to me!

IT can’t be! He must be dating another ‘Lily’, because I’m not dating him, or am I?


*next morning*

I couldn’t sleep last night, contemplating if I was this mysterious “lily” so I decided to bite the bullet and call him, yes him… Justin, my ex-or not ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. I pulled out my phone and clicked on his contact. Wait, I haven’t told him about Max before, does he still have feelings for me? Well I guess I will just have to find out. I press the    ‘call mobile’ button on my white and gold 1phone 5s and waited for him to pick up I tapped my perfectly manicured French tips on the counter to the sound of the rings … Brr brr … brr brr … brr brr … brr brr … * hi u reached Justin sorry I can’t be here to take your call, please leave your name and number and ill get back to you* I didn’t wait to leave a message he probably still had my number in his phone so he would know that I called. I sighed I’m glad he didn’t pick up because if he did I don’t know what I would have said. I think I mad a mistake … a huge mistake, he is obviously just dating another girl called lily… it’s a very common name. I laughed at myself thinking of how badly I would’ve handled it…. “Oh hi remember me from two years ago ... Um u know the video that made u famous ... Um well and I the same lily that u mentioned in the comments?” “Sorry that’s my new girlfriend ... I had completely forgot that we dated and that you might get confused” “ oh…” HAH I would have made a compete fool of myself but I was right… he probably wouldn’t even remember me at all.

The rest of the day went by smoothly I started creating a new gym routine in my head that had killer tumbling in it. I finished my calculus essay and bought some new yoga pants. I loved Sundays, just relaxing and waiting for school on Monday. I hadn’t really thought much about Justin, I believed that he just had a new girlfriend and he probably wouldn’t remember me anyway. I showered and slipped into my comfy victoria secret pajamas and brushed my teeth. I grabbed my phone and my favorite movie and got ready for a night in. I remember watching mean girls then about half of mean girls 2 before I fell asleep. 



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