Should I Turn Him Down?

When Lily's ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber becomes famous and she finds out he is moving only 40 minutes drive away what is a 17 year to do? After finding mysteriously 'juicy' messages left on her current boy friends phone from random girls and comments on just ins youtube videos saying their together what can she do? Will she be able to get out of her sticky situation before justin finds out about her new boyfriend max? and before max knows about justin?


1. (1) Just When I Thought Everything Was Perfect

A fan-fiction for my bestie…

Chapter 1: Just when I thought everything was perfect...


Life is different than anyone would have expected it to be but I think life works out for the best sometimes and even though right now I don't think that. Right now I am trying to keep my head high and enjoy most of my life! Like I was saying... this is my life the past few months and pretty much the only thing stopping me from falling apart is my friends... and my amazing boyfriend!


Three months ago I was a 'normal' teenager. My parents were still together which all my friends said was a miracle. I was very popular at my school and I was the captain of the cheer squad! I had the most amazing friends and somehow still managed to get straight A's. My family was TOTALLY rich and I had the most adorable little sister and we were really close which was nice and we did practically every thing together! (And my best friends totally loved her) AND I had the HOTTEST GUY IN SCHOOL to call MY boyfriend!!  His name was Max Nelson. He had Sandy Blonde hair, the most amazing blue eyes and he had THE cutest smile! Perfect white teeth, his parents were also rich and for our 1st Anniversary both our parents got us matching cars! He had the most kissable lips and they were so soft and smooth. EVERY day when I got up at 4:30am for cheer practice he would come pick me up and while I teached a bunch of sassy girls to shake their butts and do double handsprings he would go workout in the gym for hours. He would then catch up with me afterwards to drive to his place, have a shower and get dress then go to school together.


So basically I had the best life and boyfriend! Everyone said we were a cute couple and everything, so that was sweet. Him being a senior and me only being in grade 11 drove me crazy because literally every girl, even the one’s that had boyfriends completely obsessed over him, I mean I couldn’t blame them his rich, dark, husky voice drove me wild! The way he always said my name, so sexily“ Lily Evens” my simple four letter name made me feel so special. He also wasn’t just you stereotypical football captain, making out with every girl that he see’s, ‘studying’ with random girls

AKA: a player, No he wasn’t. Underneath his stereotypical guy teenager. There was so much more, smart, funny, caring, lovely personality, most weekends I wake to one of the following

Smell his sexy cologne as he lie’s beside me/ cuddles me while I “peacefully sleep” Have the doorbell ring and find MY hunky boyfriend holding a bunch of lilies that he bought for me Have breakfast in bed served to me as I slowly wake to the sound of the Saturday morning news BLARING full blast on the television Rise to the smell of delicious food being cooked that probably would have been breakfast in bed if I hadn’t had woken up……….. (did I mention how much of an amazing cook he was)


Some times its hard to tell with max, he is so amazing to me and it feels like I do nothing for him, and when I buy him some thing or take him out for dinner and pay. He kind of gets upset or borderline angry. I just don’t want to feel like I don’t appreciate him or something. We hadn’t ever said the “LOVE “ word before but we both sort of new.



Well that was of course I thought everything was perfect.

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