Hey There Delilah

Delilah is emo. Louis lost a girlfriend to suicide. When they both sign up for an anonymous help site and meet each other, they become quite close. When Louis gets on The X Factor it becomes harder and harder to keep in contact with her. Until she gets a surprise package in the mail one day...


2. Two: Three Months Later


I was sitting in my room playin a few cords on my guitar when Louis texted me.

Louis: Hey there Delilah

Delilah:Hi Loooooooou

Louis: Whats it like in New York City?

Delilah: I swear if your singing rite now I will go over to Doncaster and hit u

Since meeting Louis my life has totally changed. Im actually happy now and I dont cut anymore. Even though weve never met in person, he's still my best friend.

We've learned so much about eachother. He's 18, lives in Doncaster, England, and he wants to sing. He also cant decide if hes sassy or crazy. Since figuring out my names Delilah, I live in NYC, and I have two years left in highschool, he constantly sings the Plain White T's song Hey There Delilah. I guess in a way its our song.


Meeting Delilah is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me. We Skype often. She's just so beautiful. Her skin is pail, her hair is long and the color of milk chocolate. Her eyes are a shinning blue. She kind of reminds me of Kristian Stwert in The Messangers. Which I didnt even know was a thing until I met her. She's into horror movies and she's had me watch a few.

And there are so many little things about her. She sings, writes songs, and plays guitar. A few times we tried to write a song together while on Skype and I wanted to be there with her so bad. She bites her lip when she's nervous and when shes consentrating and I so badly wanted to kiss her on many occations. She's just so... wow. She's amazing.

Louis: so I got some news.

Delilah: oh news do share!

Louis: U no that british singign show the X Factor?

Delilah: si momma cita

Louis: well...i'm gonna try out.

Instead of texting me back I was met with a Skype call. I answered it and saw her face in her tiny room n her New York appartment, Swift laying on her bed behind her. She had her cute little glasses on and her hair was in a low side ponytail.

"Are you for reals?" she exclaimed

"Yes" I laughed "I am for reals"

"Mute your computer" I did as she said. I watched as she screamed her head off. After about five minutes she typed 'Volume. On. Now'

"Louis thats amazing!" she said with a large smile on her face

"Thanks Del." I smile.

Her mom yelled to her "I gotta go Louis. I'll Skype you after dinner. Love ya!" she hangs up.

Love ya. She always say it but she doesnt mean it the way I wished she mean it.

OK, I got to be honest with myself.

I'm in love with Delilah.


Yah short I know. But I'm having a bit of a writers block :/ it sucks.

Ok so what I am going to be doing is for each chapter I'm gonna put a little link that'll take you to Polyvore.com and you can see the outfit that Delilah is wearing in the chapter! So here's the link for this chapter!


Thanks so much for reading!
NinjaDuck, OUT!


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