Jennifer has the power to imprint the one who will be her life partner. She is 21 still she hasn't imprinted anyone. Will she imprint anyone? If she does no one knows...... Where her life will take her ahead .....


1. WHY CAN'T I ?

Having is power ....... Is useless when it does not works on anyone. For ages my family had the power to imprint their life partners and it is passed on to their further generations. Sometimes I feel like I am not a part of this family because I am 21 still I haven't imprinted anyone. My father imprinted my mother when he was 17. My big brother Jacob imprinted elena ; my sister in law at a age of 18. Why can't I imprint anyone ,is there anyone made for me? God I just can't wait more!! Please show me a little light in this darkness.

I have been trying to see in each boy of this town...... But still there is no light of any boy made for me. I was shattered and broken. For encouraging my spirits my parents & brother decided to take me out for refreshment to smoky mountains.

First I was not ready. I had locked myself in my room. It was like Ted's situation in ' how I met your mother ', waiting for the mother to come. At last I had to agree because dad had promised me to give a nice car if I come with them.

I asked my friends Jane & Louise to come with me. I just get bored with my parents and brother. They are like always talking about their love life. Which makes me feel miserable. Jane & Louise are the only person in this world who know about my power. Oh how can I forget I also have a small brother jake ;who is 17. He is one who always supports me, but sometimes he is small to share my problem. He was also coming with us. 

I backed my bags before one day to our trip to smooky mountains !! Jane & Louise had already come to my house on Sunday night. We were leaving for our trip on Monday noon. Jane , Louise and me had a great night out. We always have fun together. I forget everything when I lam with them.

Finally, Monday noon came .we were all set to live for our trip. We decided to go by flight to Smokey mountains. There had been a problem in the booking of tickets due to which I had my seat far away from my friends & family. But what could happen in this 6 hr flight?

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