A Summer To Remember - The Mystery of the Fire

The Bob-Whites have solved their second case after finally being reunited. They are safe and happy and looking forward to the rest of their summer. But when the Wheeler's old home goes up in flames, what extent will Trixie and her friends go to to find the culprit? And has their summer back together been ruined for good? Book 3 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


11. Suspect

Chapter 11. Suspect

Brian was the first to hit the top of the stairs. 'Trixie!' He yelled racing for the doors.

'Jim!' Honey squealed right behind Brian.

Dan was next up the stairs closely followed by Spider and Sergeant Molinson.

'Be careful!' Sergeant Molinson yelled but the three Bob-Whites payed no attention.

Brian and Dan both reached the doors first and flung them open only to be faced with a room of absolutely nothing.

'What?' Honey puffed as she came to a halt and looked around confused.

There was literally nothing in the room. Apart from four walls and a large balcony showing off the bright sunny sky directly opposite them there was nothing in the room.

Honey looked at the balcony but couldn't see anything out there. 'Nothing. Where could they be?'

'There's no trap doors in the ground.' Brian said walking around the room.

'And no hidden doors in the wall.' Dan added as he walked around the room knocking on the wall.

Spider slowly moved into the room and looked around. He looked at the balcony closely. Something didn't feel quite right.

'Correct me if I'm wrong, but it wasn't exactly that sunny outside before we came in, was it?' He asked moving closer to the balcony.

Honey looked across at Spider, 'No, in fact I believe it was on the verge of rain.'

Brian rose from the ground where he had been looking at the cracks in the floor and headed over to the balcony. He grabbed the door handleand twisted. The door opened up to a dark basement looking room, only it wasn't the basement.

'An illusion! To make people think that it's a dead end!' Dan concluded.

'Clever…' Sergeant Molinson whispered. 'Alright, Spider and I will head in first and check it out. You three stay here.'

'No way. That's my sister and my best friend in there that is in danger!' Brian said stubbornly moving forward to where spider and Sergeant Molinson stood at the entrance of the 'basement'.

'Me too. No way am I staying here.' Honey agreed and stepped forward too.

Dan looked at Sergeant Molinson.

'I suppose you want to come too?' He asked Dan.

'Of course! Those are my friends in there!' He replied.

Sergeant Molinson stared hard at the three friends. He sighed, 'fine.' He finally said, 'but at the first sign of danger, you head straight back here. And don't get in our way.'

The friends agreed and the five of them edged forward into the dark room.

It was humid and dusty in the room. Thick concrete walls ran along each side of them and there was a small hall before they came to an intersection. It was almost like a maze.

'Left or right?' Spider questioned, 'or straight forward.'

'Or backwards.' Honey whimpered leaning into Brian's arm.

Sergeant ignored this and looked around at the ground, 'It's a dirty ground, you can see the footprints. Three different sets of them. They must have gone left.' He said heading off in that direction. Everyone else followed closely behind him.

After a while they realised that the floor was taking them down, lower and lower until Brian was sure that they must be underground. The narrow hall panned out into a bigger room, or rather, a cave.

The walls were made of rock and the floor was dirt. There were more tunnels that lead off in different directions.

'Wow, who would have thought one simple house could lead to all this…' Honey murmured.

'It's unbelievable.' Dan commented.

'Let's keep moving, I can still see the trail.' He said as he pulled his flashlight out and shone it at the ground. They followed the trail to the largest tunnel and headed on down it.

'Brian…' Honey began but was stopped as she felt his hand entwine with hers, and she suddenly felt very safe.

'Brian…' Dan whispered.

'No.' Brian said sternly, holding back a chuckle.

'Fine, don't hold my hand then.' Dan said pretending to sulk.

Suddenly the flashlight hit a dead end.

'Dead end.' Spider told the three friends as they wondered why everyone had stopped.

'Again? Seriously?' Dan said angrily.

'No, not a dead end, but a trap.' A husky voice said from behind them.

The five spun round and came face to face with the man from the shop.

'Why are you following me? Why did you chase me? I haven't done anything.' He said.

Honey noticed straight away that Jim and Trixie weren't with him.'

'You have done something. Otherwise you would not have run. That just made you look guilty. And now you have kidnapped two children.'

'Teens.' Dan corrected Sergeant Molinson.

Sergeant glared at him.

'Carry on.' Dan mumbled.

'No I didn't do anything! Police make me nervous.' The man said shyly.

Sergeant Molinson noticed a gun in the man's left hand.

'Alright, so where have you put the two chil- ah teens?' Sergeant Molinson asked.

'They are fine.' He answered, his hand twitching on the trigger.

'Alright, we can discuss this like adults. There is no need for any harm to come to anyone. Just put the gun down.'

'No, no, no, NO, NO!' He shouted, 'You lie, you always lie! I'll just be put away again!' he cried raising the gun.

'No, we won't. Not if you really haven't done anything. We just need to ask you some questions and you can help us greatly.' Spider said slowly edging forward to the gun.

'Help …. You?' He mumbled.

'Yes, you can help us.' Spider continued to edge closer to the gun.

All the while Honey was clinging tightly to a worried Brian and Dan was watching Spider with admiration.

'All you have to do is give Spider the gun, we won't take you to jail.' Sergeant Molinson said.

'You won't?' He said, his arm shaking uncontrollably.

Spider reached out and took a hold of the gun.

'NO!' The man shouted and ripped his hand free. He turned the gun to Spider and was second's away from shooting when out of nowhere Jim appeared with a plank of wood and hit the man over the head with it.

'Wooo.' He hissed as he fell forward onto his knees and passed out on the ground.

'Jim!' Honey squealed. She ran forward and threw herself into his arms.

'It's alright Sis, I'm alright.'

'Where's Trixie?' Brian asked worried.

'Right here Brian.' Trixie replied coming out of the shadows.

Brian raced forward and wrapped his arms around his sister. 'I'm so glad you're alright.' He whispered to his sister.

'I love you Brian.' She said smiling.

'I love you too sis.' He replied.

Dan looked happily at the scene that played out in front of him. Sergeant Molinson was cuffing the passed out shop keeper on the ground, Brian, Trixie, Honey and Jim were chatting happily. Dan looked over at Spider.

'Spider! You're alright!' He yelled racing and jumping into Spiders arms.

The four Bob-Whites turned and looked at Dan, all raising their eye-brows.

'What, I felt left out.' He shrugged.

'Alright Dan, you can let go… Dan…Da…Dan…'

Dan let go and turned to see the four friends laughing. Again, he shrugged.

'Alright, Spider and I will take this suspect back to the station, you lot better get going if you want a lift with us home.' Sergeant Molinson told them.

The five Bob-Whites made their way back through the cave and up to the house.

Trixie and Jim explained how they had been tied up along one of the other trails but the suspect had covered their footsteps and then he made different ones to trap them all. Jim had managed to loosen the grip of his rope and get him and Trixie untied. Then together they made their way back to the second trail where they found him about to shoot Spider. So with some quick thinking Jim grabbed a plank of wood from the ground and hit the man with it.

'If it weren't for you, we would probably be hurt or even dead right now.' Honey said admiringly of her older adoptive brother.

Jim just put his arm around his sister and pulled her close. 'I wouldn't let anything happen to you, or any of the Bob-Whites for that matter.' He smiled.

By the time they got home and had explained what had happened to Mart and Di they were absolutely exhausted and headed off to their rooms for a good long and deserving nap.

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