My Diary

This is my really life diary and all the problems i face some days


3. 17th of October 2013

Dear Diary Wow today was very boring BUT ther was some fires going around near my house and around my school ( hope it burnt down), but they were everywhere, when i went to go pick up my sister there were fire trucks and police flying through lights everywhere ( i hope everyone is okay) I haven't been at school since Tuesday and im sooooo bored. My mum sent my schoolan e-mail saying that i'll be off for awhile so my bitch of a science teacher ( sorry for my french) sent a whole bunch of work the a really couldnt do because it was asking me all these questions about so movie/doco and i kinda haven't been at school to watch it so yeah On Saturday im going to this guys suprise birthday party and my ex's girlfriend is going GRRRRRRRi really dont mind her at times but once she found out that i use to go out with Matt she started acting all weird around me and kinda rubbing it in basically and people like that just really get up my nerves but yeh i guess i'll just see how the night goes so yeh Till next time Lots of love Claire xx
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