Dangerous Eyes

Marilyn Manson is known by his famous outrageous music and strange taste in clothing. When Marilyn Manson is in the middle of performing live for his new album "Born Villian" he sees one of his fans that looked so fimilar, like someone he has met in his past. He becomes obessed with finding out who she is, but what happens when he finds out she is has awoken from the grave. Will Manson get lost in her eyes or will they be destined for something else.


1. Chapter 1

I was sitting in my dressing room while the make up girls applied my make-up and fixed up my hair. This was the first concert for my new album "Born Villian" and I was excited beyound compare. I knew that I would have a shit load of fans who'd come to see me. It wasn't a surprise to me when one of the back stage crew came to tell me that they were twenty thousands fans awaiting for my presence.

I looked in the mirror after the girls had finished to look at my ending result. For a fourty three year old I reckon I looked pretty good still. My eyeliner and lipstick looked even and that was good. My face that had smeared black ink on it were all in the right places and that pleased me even more. I looked down at my black dark clothing and was happy with how they were cleaned and looked after. I grinned to myself. I looked in the mirrow once more before picking up my mask and then fittened it to my face. I was finally ready to go on stage. While I waited for my name to be called for my entrance, I drank some water and waited. Finally I had be called. I came out onto the stage and looked over sll my fans before yelling "Are you motherfuckers ready to listen to some fucking good music?" The crowd screamed and fist pumped the air. I grinned and yelled into my modified mic "Well I'm going to play a fucking old song of mine to get this fucking amazing night started. You all should know this song, so get your fucking fists pumping and start making some fucking noise!" I turned and told my band the song and they started playing the tune to my older song "This is the New Shit". I sang the lyrics and fist pumped the air. I was having a fucking awesome time and so were my fans.


 After the song was over everyone screamed and clapped the shit out of the concert room. I smiled again and then anounced loudly that I was going to play the firsat song from my album. I told the band and they started to play "No Reflection" I grabbed my guitar and put the strape over me. I began to sing and play my guitar. Nothing felt better then playing my music for my young and older fans. There were a lot of fimliar faces and then there were a lot of fresh faces. I felt more confident that people who felt outcasted from the society could seek me as someone to be inspired by. I was about to begin the second song for my new album when suddenly I got shivers down my spine. I could this fimilar presence, like it was someone I knew. I looked around but then just decided to ignore the feeling. I then instructed the band to play "Pistol Whipped". I started singing this when this woman's figure caught my eye. I continued to sing while I looked at this woman, she looked so fimliar yet I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew for sure what was running through my head and that was, who the fuck was she? I couldn't take my eyes off her. It seemed that she couldn't look away as well. As I gazed into her pitch black eyes I could see something, but I still was unsure. Her body was pale white and her hair was long, curly and a light brown. She was beautiful but if I had slept with her I would of remembered her? I thought curiously to myself. After this song was over, I quickly sipped some water and then started to talk about how crazy as fuck my fans were. I also mentioned how surpportive they were too. Suddenly some crazy fan threw their bra up onto the stage.

I picked it up and lick it. "Oh so what crazy bitch threw this up here for me?" I chuckled. The girls all screamed out. I laughed into the mic and threw the bra back into the crowd. My head began to throb slightly. I decided I start the next song. When I scanned the crowd again, that woman was gone. My throbbing head had gone away too. After the concert  I went to my dressing room and sat down. All I could think about was that woman. The one with the dangerous eyes. Those eyes were like looking into the door way of hell. She was also so beautiful. I had to find her but I wasn't sure on why the fuck I wanted to do this in the first place. I cleaned the smudge make up off my face and re-applied it to my liking. I was starting to feel hungry. I grabbed my coat and pulled it on. I picked up my guitar and placed it into it's case and the headed out to the back where I could get away without getting mugged. When I was escorted out by my body guards that same girl caught my eye. She was just standing there staring at me with a blank expression on her face. Her presence seem to linger as I got into my limo. I glanced out the window, it seemed as though she was waiting there in the shadows. I suddenly got another chill down my spine. I looked back behind me and saw nothing but emptiness of the lane the limo was parked in. I shook my hand and closed my eyes, suddenly it seemed strange but all this images came flashing into my mind till it created a mini preminition type of thing. I was walking into a grave yard and I found a grave and the headstone, but the writing on the headstone seemed to be pixelated. I blinked my eyes twice and opened then fully. Everything was normal again. I shook my head and then ran my hand through my hair.  All I could say in my head was what the fuck is happening to me? When I got some food and was back in my home, I decided to watch the TV to see what was happening, but I soon became bored and just went to bed.


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