A Gamma for The Alpha (COMING 2014)

I didn't know why I wanted to go in the woods.I knew it was dangerous.Dangerous if anyone found me.Dangerous if they took me.My powers.They'll use it against my kind.It's like my mind was on shut down.Something was calling me to come closer.Come to the lake.I didn't know how I knew there was a lake at the woods.It's like my life was turned to slow motion and for the first time,I wasn't scared.As I stared at the lake,the fishes swimming with no worries,I woke up.I panicked.What was I thinking?! Going into the woods alone.I turned around and was met with an icy blue orbs.They were beautiful,mysterious and..dangerous.It was electrical.It kept on electrocuting me.Hurting me and yet,swallowing me in.His lips moved but I couldn't concentrate.He was saying something,strangely like "mine"


I wrote this story years ago and I apologise for my lack of updates. I'm grateful that you all like my story, but I have to put them on hold until I have the time to edit them. Thank you



2. Chapter 1(Sneak Peak)

I was just an experiment.My 'parents' was forced to produce me.A combination of wolves and Omicrons was just what they wanted.

I call them The Evil ones while some just call Celestials.Some say they came from heaven searching for the right blood to sacrifice to their god.I was one of those blood.

But as soon as they extracted some out of me,they duplicated it to numerous of pins of blood.

They didn't need me anymore.

So I was cast aside and left forgotten.

Every gamma they have created between unholy bonds which is where they forced a wolve to reproduce with someone who's not the mate,are put inside a room.A room..more like a cell.We were locked up.

Given everything,but locked up.They did that incase they needed more blood to duplicate.There were only six of us.

You see,creating a gamma isn't like when humans have sex on a couch.It's like the body of the two do'ers are burning and not with passion and desire.

It's burning like feeling fire.Killing your self because you're forced to mate with someone who isn't The One.

Some survived only until giving birth to Gammas like me.The others,commit suicide or just die in pain.

I didn't really have a name.

They call me number five but one of the Celestials,her name was Lilibeth, she said my 'father's' last name was Morgan and that my 'mom's' middle name was Jade,so that's why I ended up being named Jade Morgan.

Normal name for an abnormal girl I used to say ,but Lili always corrected me by saying "unique girl".I missed Lili.

She was called back by their Empyrean because her duty was finished already.

As I walked along the clearing,I didn't realize I was already far away from the other Gammas and guards.

I spotted my chance to run but I hesitated.Should I? What if I got caught? I metally slap my self.I have to get out of here.I don't want to be an experiment anymore.

So I forced my legs to move.

As I began to fasten my pace,I was held back.

I was pulled to the woods.I didn't know why I wanted to go in the woods. I knew it was dangerous.

Dangerous if anyone found me.

Dangerous if they took me.

My powers.

They'll use it against my kind. It's like my mind was on shut down. Something was calling me to come closer.

Come to the lake. I didn't know how I knew there was a lake at the woods. It's like my life was turned to slow motion and for the first time, I wasn't scared.

As I stared at the lake, the fishes swimming with no worries, I woke up. I panicked. What was I thinking?! Going into the woods alone. I turned around and was met with an icy blue orbs .

They were beautiful, mysterious and....dangerous. It was electrical. It kept on electrocuting me. Hurting me and yet, swallowing me in.

His lips moved but I couldn't concentrate.

He was saying something, strangely like "mine".

Then he disappered? No! It was a vision.

A vision that I will meet someone like him.The vision was my defence.I always knew where people would attack so I'll always block it in a matter of seconds but this one.

This one was different from all  the visions that I was used to.This one showed me who I'll be with.


This can't be happening.If he found me,I'll put his family in  danger and The Celestials will find me and take me again.My blood,my soul,I'll be locked up.

I ran for another four hours without stopping and I was getting tired by the minute.

As I paused to take a sip of water by a stream,I sensed that someone,no,not human,a being behind me.Seven of them.I slowly turned around and found werewolves,eyes curious on what I am.They must've picked up my Gamma scent but they still couldn't figure out what I am.

One of them shifted to a human and I closed my eyes,sure that my face was red from humiliation.

Embarrased by the fact that there's a naked man in front of me and that I,my self was not presentable since I'm wearing a white robe which was covered with dirt from my previous run.

The man smiled softly and he lent his hand but I didn't take it.I was still scared.What if his smile was all an act.What if he's here to take my power.

To absorb my blood or worse,he worked for The celestials.

"I'm sorry miss,for frightening you.But could you please come with us? You've crossed our territory and that's against the law.You have to be consented by the Alpha before you leave or there will be severe consequences not only to you,but to us" he said while still smiling a little but I could see a small grimace on his face.

Either for me or for his Alpha.

I can't go with them.What if they took me back to The Celestials?!

"I'm sorry for tresspassing and I didn't mean to.Please let me go.I have to go" He knew I was desperate,just from my tone but he wouldn't have it as he did not want to cross the Alpha.

He left me with no choice but to fight.I took the sword from my waist and went on offence position.His guard was up again and started to growl.

"I'm sorry,but I just CAN'T go back" and the fighting began.

He attacked me first while the others just looked with interest.Maybe they were told to hold back.I saw a vision where he would attack my left so I moved to my right.

He was surprised when my sword slashed his right arm.He shifted to his wolf by then and it's fur was dirt brown.It was cute but deadly.

He began to use his strength but I have wolve strength also which I ddin't usually use.I used it to pry his mouth open and stop it from biting me.I head butt his neck and he backed off.He was badly injured but he healed pretty quickly as he is a werewolve after all.

Then,they all began to come on me.I saw another flash of vision and the odds weren't in my favour so I put my sword inside my robes again.

"Take me to your Alpha".

The guy I was fighting with shifted and he pouted a little and walked away while putting his pants,grumbling about how we could've avoided all that if I just coorperated.

I wanted to giggle at him but I was nervous meeting the Alpha.As we walked for another ten minutes,we arrived at what seems,their pack house.

It was huge!

Like mansion.

Though there was a little town surrounding it.Everyone seemed to be doing their own work.Some selling food,clothes,some children were playing with wooden swords and the others were training.

I saw a red head girl who was fighting with another man.The girl was strong but she lacked balance.

The man could've easily pushed her off and with one swift movement of his sword,she'll die.Another was practicing with an Accuracy International AS50 rifle and his friend practised throwing daggers at a tree.

It was okay,though not accurate enough.

As we walked I realized everyone was looking at me oddly.Probably because you look like a crazy old woman I thought and as we came to an office,the door of the room slowly opened and revealing a tall dirty blond with a very muscular back.

The man turned around and there was that blue orbs that I can't seem to take my eyes off from.

And just like déjà vu ,he was saying something like "mine".



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