A Gamma for The Alpha (COMING 2014)

I didn't know why I wanted to go in the woods.I knew it was dangerous.Dangerous if anyone found me.Dangerous if they took me.My powers.They'll use it against my kind.It's like my mind was on shut down.Something was calling me to come closer.Come to the lake.I didn't know how I knew there was a lake at the woods.It's like my life was turned to slow motion and for the first time,I wasn't scared.As I stared at the lake,the fishes swimming with no worries,I woke up.I panicked.What was I thinking?! Going into the woods alone.I turned around and was met with an icy blue orbs.They were beautiful,mysterious and..dangerous.It was electrical.It kept on electrocuting me.Hurting me and yet,swallowing me in.His lips moved but I couldn't concentrate.He was saying something,strangely like "mine"


I wrote this story years ago and I apologise for my lack of updates. I'm grateful that you all like my story, but I have to put them on hold until I have the time to edit them. Thank you



1. A Gamma for The Alpha

Prolougue :

                                                                Alpha (α)

                                                               Beta (β)

                                                               Zeta (ζ)

                                                               Omega (Ω)

Rougues were misfits.They were werewolves who were sentenced to a life of humilliation,to wander the world as a disgrace to their friends,family and pack.Yet some,just wanted to run away from the pressure,show disobedience and refusing to submit to the law.It was a dark world for werewolves.You have to be the strongest to achieve the highest.

Let's say you were an Omega,which is the weakest rank in a pack.You weren't treated as bad as rougues and yet you might as well, because in the eyes of the whole pack, you were just a slave.A mere servant.You have no value to the pack.

Then,there's the Zeta.Werewolves who possesses the average qualifications to atleast live a normal life.Beta's are wolves who are put second in command.Next to the Alpha that is.

The Alpha.No pack members are to disrespect them.Cross with them and you WILL be severely punished.Alphas are known as possessive,dangerous,dominant species in the Werewolves hierarchy.Encounter one and pray the Alpha is in a good mood or else,commit suicide.It's the most painless option.Don't worry,you'll know what ranking a werewolve is when you see the marks on the back of their hand.

Overwhelming? Thought so.Take a deep breath because here comes another one.Omicron.Omicrons are humans with supernatural powers.Each Omicrons have two abilities.One for defence and one for offence.

Wait! Don't go yet! You haven't read about Gammas.Gammas are basically hybrids.They're the combination of werewolves and Omicrons.They have the ability of both species but unlike the Omicrons they have the lifespan of the wolves while Omicrons has a lifespan based on how much power they use.

Gammas have unlimited power.Their weakness? They can't change into wolves.If they even try to change,they'll be dead in a second.Their skin would be torn apart.Gammas may seem omnipotent,when in truth,their as fragile as a dream.

This is the story of a Gamma.A Gamma who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.Or was it at the right place at the right time? Just as The Fates wanted it.For the most ruthless pack to have a divine Luna who will either bring their pack to victory or bring them crumbling to the ground.

For one pack to succeed

And for one Alpha to lead

At the top he will be guaranteed

 If and only he's done the Devil's deed

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