A Cinderella Story [Harry Styles]

Amy lived a tough childhood. When her father died her evil step-mother made her a slave. once she turned 19 she found out One Direction was throwing a Ball. What happens if she bumps into Harry Styles? Read to find out.


9. Who Is She?

Harry's POV

"Do I look good guys?" I asked for the million time.

"YES!!!!" They all yelled.

We walked up to the front. But I have to say this house is HUGE. I nervously knocked on the door. This is the first time I meet Jessica's mom. What if she hates me? I got cut off buy a girl opening the door. She was dressed in a maid's dress. She had blonde hair and blue. She looked familiar. But where do I know her from?


Amy's POV

I opened the door to find all the boys from One Direction. Harry looked up at me. What happens if he recognizes me? I put my head down and say. "Please come in"

I take a step back to let them thru, and they come in. I close the door behind them and stand next to Alyssa.

"Hello Harry! I'm Jessica's mom." Mary stood out her hand for him to shake it and he did. "Hello M'am."

"Oh please call me Mary"

"Mary so where's Jessica?" Oh I forgot she had to make her 'Big In Entrance'

"Oh Jessica Harry's here!!!" She yelled.

Acouple of seconds later the whore came and started making her way down. But of nowhere she trips and starts rolling down the stairs.

I look over to the boys and see they are tying to hold in their laugh. While Harry, Mary, and Alyssa go over to Jessica to see if she's ok.

Mary turns around and looks at me

"YOU!!!!! DID THIS!?!?!


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