A Cinderella Story [Harry Styles]

Amy lived a tough childhood. When her father died her evil step-mother made her a slave. once she turned 19 she found out One Direction was throwing a Ball. What happens if she bumps into Harry Styles? Read to find out.


8. The Meeting

Amy's POV

~A Week Later~

Todays the day. Yes I know what your asking. What day? Well the day Harry 'FOUND' the Love of his life they got together. When I saw Harry kis- Well making out with Jessica. My heart shattered into a million of pieces. But today Jessica is going to bring Harry and the rest of the band over for dinner.

Alyssa and I are making pasta and salad while Mary and Jessica are getting ready, or do I mean dressing up like the whores they all ready are.

"Please Alyssa go get ready I'll make dinner." I whined.

She rolled her eyes and agreed and went up stairs. Alyssa isn't like Jessica and Mary, she's sweet, caring, and loving.

"AMY!!!!!!" I heard Mary yell upstairs. I ran upstairs seeing her and Jessica trying to fit into the smallest dresses EVER!!!!!! "Yes?"

"Come over here and help us." She snapped. I rolled my eyes and walked over to them.

1 Hour od screaming, crying, and squishing into a dress.

Finally I fit them BOTH in to that dress. But they can't even sit down or breathe

"Okay Amy, I need you to year this." Mary walked over to her closet and took out a maids dress (That went up to mid-thigh.)


"Because I said so...... and for talking back at me I'm taking your phone away for the whole month." I handed her my phone.

"Now go take a shower shave your leg, get dressed into that, Put some makeup, and fix your hair." I rolled my eyes and walked over to my room.


I finished getting ready and I put my hair into a ponytail (And let my bangs out) I also put alittle makeup. Not like Jessica.

I went downstairs and fixed the table for 8 people.

Then their was a knock on the door. "Ok Jessica go up stairs and then make a grand entrance, Alyssa stand over there, and Amy answer the door." I was about to walk over to the door when she grabbed my arm and turned me around.

"Make ANY mistake your dead." I rolled my eyes and walked over to the door.

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