I'm The Girl

I write what I feel.It's a book full of poems which I made for my family, friends,crush and even enemies.I hope you all can relate to what I'm writing. :)


9. I, as a teenager

People say

We teenagers

Are too young

To know what love is

People say

We have no experience

To survive

On this world of reality

People say

We are incapable

Of protecting

Our hearts

Yet I beg to differ

I,as a teenager

Do know what love is

Love is an emotion



You'd do anything for these


It's a labour of love

I,as a teenager

Do have experience

Yet I admit

It is still

Not enough

So I need my elders

To lead me till I mature

I,as a teenager

Aren't capable of protecting my heart


I agree I am not capable of doing so

But aren't hearts

Supposed to be broken?

So we are awaken from our blindness

To see who is real

And who is fake?

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