I'm The Girl

I write what I feel.It's a book full of poems which I made for my family, friends,crush and even enemies.I hope you all can relate to what I'm writing. :)


4. Captivated

I am captivated by him

He's hard to understand

Because he's misunderstood

One second he tells me he loves me

And the next he doesn't

He's dark and tall

His eyes

Dark brown like a

Well made chocolate with a sprinkle

Of honey

Yet something tells me

That the things he shows

Isn't what it seems

The way he sometimes look

Outside the window

Gazing And the way he would

Quitely act like he doesn't care

When in truth

He really does

The way his eyes

Begin to glint

Yet doesn't show a spark I am no one to him

I realized

Just someone he used to date

Yet something in him

Always captivated me

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