step lightly

A young woman owns a gym In her smallish town. She found it hard to find the right guy in a romantic way, who would make her feel like a princess, love her for her, treat her with respect and do anything in his power to make her smile and laugh. Instead one gets forced on her who treats her in anyway he pleases. will she be saved and by who or stuck with an abusive and dangerous "relationship" with someone she barely knows or loves.


1. dangerously dangerous

it was getting dark and was time for me to close up shop; oh yeah by the way i own a gym. so i was just locking the door when i felt someone sap my ass behind me but just as i was just about to turn round and sap who ever did that there was no one there. it freaked me out a little. but i forgot all about it and headed to my car and the drove home.

the next day after going for my jog and showering, i decided to walk to work as it isnt really that far away. i took a few short cuts but one of then is though an ally way and i know how many times people say never walk though one but i work in a gym i can handle anyone that tries anything.

As i was walking through the ally i heard footsteps right behind me. so.. i spun round grabbed his arm, put his arm behind his back and his face against the wall.

"why are you following me"

he didn't answer.

but then he some how turned his body around still against the wall with me looking like im holding his hand, grabbed me by the shoulders and then put me against the wall facing him. as the sun hit his face i could properly see him now.

"your pretty good for a girl"

"pretty good? for a girl?! who are you?!"

"oh where are my manors, i'm harry styles. you know the incredibly handsome member of onedirection!"

"you mean niall horan"

"no im harry styes"

"oh you said incredibly handsome" i said with a grin

"oh i guess ive caught a cheeky one"

"you havent caught anything" i said stamping on his foot and then tripping him over on to his ass. i ran as fast as possible

"by the way nice ass!"

oh my god i didnt know what he meant by that until i reached work. he was the one that slapped my ass the other night! great he knows where i work *gulp*

i was in work from 9am till 9pm. a 12 hour shift just like yesterday *sigh* but all day i felt like i was being watched, i know it must of just been in my head and i do work in a gym full of buffed out men so it could of just been them.

but today i took an hour for lunch as i hired a new girl to help out so that i had time for lunch. i went out with my mate Jeorgia to nandosand guess who i saw there! yes you guessed it (well its not really a major mind fuck is it) it was niall horan obviously! if you didnt get that you are retarted! not really just joking ;)

we made eye contact a few times but never said anything. probably because Jeorgis was basically starring at him constantly and fangirling. oh and yeah she loves onedirection and by love i mean LOVES! them but her fav is harry styles unfortunately. if she knew how he really was she wouldn't.

anyway i headed back to work but again i heard footsteps behind me so i turned round to see it was just an old man walking. so as the old man crossed the street i turned slowly back around bumping in to someone who crabbed me by my arms and pushed me up against the bus stop.

"we need to stop meeting like this" he winked

"well if you stopped following me we wouldnt meet at all"

"you like this really" he said with a crocked smile

i just rolled my eyes but when i wasnt looking harry leaned in closer until he was inches away from me. my heart started beating faster, i started swallowing 10 times more, i got so nervous but i dont know why, my hands got sweaty and shacking. then he leaned in closer and closer. i close you eyes tightly and then i felt him kissing up and down my neck softly but he got harder and harder until it started really hurting. i bit down on my lip to stop myself from making a sound.

i pushed him off me and fast walked back to work.

"hey nicole, oh! whos the guy?"

"what guy?" i said looking behind me to see nothing

"the guy that gave you those!"

"gave me what?"

she gave me her mirror and pointed it at my neck. there were bruises all over it

"oh my god! i am going to kill him"


"doesnt matter hes a no body!"

the day ended the same time, the same way and the same as everyday. except this time i was bothered by oh what was his name........ henry? no harld.....? HARRY that was it!

its the weekend and Jeorgia is staying the night. im only working from 9 - 12 today so i gave Jeorgia a spear key because she isnt working today, lucky bitch!

i got back to my apartment at around 12:30

"heeya Jeorgia you ready for our night out!?" i said waking in to the living room

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!" i said looking at harry sitting on the sofa

"wheres Jeorgia what did you do?!?!"

"oh heeya Nicole look who come over" she said silently screaming

"so your going out tonight, where to?"

"oh we're going t-"

"none of your business harry! its a girls night"

Jeorgia looked at me as if i had just punched her in the stomach

"ok keep your thong on love" he said winking and smiling at me

"ok its time for you to leave cuz we need to get ready" i said walking over and pulling him up by his arm

"ok ok im going" he said as i pushed him out the door slamming it behind me

"what was that all about?"

"nothing im just stressed, now lets get ready"

and we did just that; after about an hour and a half we headed out the door. i am wearing a short dusky pink dress with 6inch dusky pink wedges with golden spikes at the side and jeorgia's wearing a short black dress with "descant" cleavage exposure and black knee high 6inch heels.

we headed out to the new club opening called rube red apparently it is suppose to be AWESOME!

we got in fine as i know the bouncer. be goes to my gym and i promised him 2 mouth free gym membership if he let us in ;)

i went to go find us a free booth to sit down and Jeorgia went to get our first round of many shots to come. then guess what the cat dragged through the door. it was harry, i swear that guy is fucking stalking me! cant he take the hint, i dont like him!!

i crouched down so that he didnt see me but it didnt work. i looked over to jeorgia to see if she was finished but she hadnt even ordered yet, shes chatting up some guy *sigh*

"heeya babez i didnt know you were coming here" he said sitting right beside me

"yeah sure you didnt" i said rolling my eyes

"AW!" i said as he gripped my arm

"dont roll your eyes at me!! its bad manners!" he said deadly serious

"let go your hurting me!"

"are you scared of me?"

"NO!" i said sternly but secretly i am

"good, come on lets dance" he said pulling my arm

"no! let me go"

"dont answer me back!" he said tugging my arm until i got up

he put his arms round my waste and pulled me so close to him i could feel his body heat and his warm breath on my neck as i looked at jeorgia again hoping she'd look back and get me away from him. but she didn't. i would run but i cant leave Jeorgia and plus he'd probably catch me and do much worse. i have the worst luck.

i looked at my arm. it hurt so much and i had hiss hand print on it. why wont he let me go.


"yeah love"

"why do you want me?"

"because your sexy, smart, strong... for a girl, mostly i find it incredibly attractive when a girl doesn't want me back and you got it all wrong. i don't WANT you because i already HAVE you" he said with a smirk

" i need to call my other mate she wants to meet up too"

"ok hurry back!"

he said as i walked out the club. i called Jeorgia.

"heeya where are you?"

"im outside the club, we need to leave now!"


"ill explain later, we just need to leave NOW!"

"but harry's here with me right now?"

"WHAT?! can he hear me?"

"yes i can!" he said back

shit he's heard everything i've said

"Jeorgia take me off speaker for a moment"

"ok?" so she did

"Jeogia make an excuse up to harry and come outside but make sure he doesn't follow ok?"



"its harry styles your talking about ditching you know"

"yes i fucking know!"

"no i think ill stay here with harry but you can leave if you want"

"no!" i heard harry in the back ground

"oh harry's coming to see you"


i hung up on jeorgia and ran for my life. i had no idea what he would do to me but i didn't want to wait and find out. i didn't even know the way home, jeorgia drove. its not like it makes a difference he knows where i live so its not even safe in my own home.

i tried to get a taxis attention but no one noticed. its to late he's caught up with me.

"come one step closer and i swear ill hurt you!" i said putting my firsts up in a fighting position

"you know that's not helping you in this situation. you know i find that VERY attractive and makes me want you more" he said with a crocked smile again! it sent shivers down my spine

"just come back to the club"


"well let me drive you home then"

i looked round and there was no one in sight and no taxis but before i looked back harry had a tight grip of my arms. i almost started crying but i know not to show weakness.

"its one or the other so make a choice or ill make it for you"

"fine take me home! what about jeorgia?"

"ill come back for her!"

"cant we just go get her"



"what did i say about answering me back!! because that means i have another reason to come back to your apartment"

so we walked to his car which is right outside the club.

"heeya where are you guys going?" Jeorgia said walking out the club


"oh ok ill come too"


"yeah come one lets go" i said interrupting harry . he looked at me furiously, maybe i shouldn't of done that but we all got in the car. it was so tense.

we arrived and jeorgia got out first. harry grabbed my elbow

"tell her you'll be there in a min"

"ill be there in min"

i looked back at harry and he slapped me

"next time do not disobey me or interrupt me" he said sternly with a snarl

i pulled my arm away from him and ran inside locking the door behind me. i peeped through the curtains at his car. he stayed looking at me for a few moments and then slowly drove off.

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