Intoxicated with Love

Marcel AKA Harry was a nerd. He was bullied by the 5 jocks none other than: Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Nathan Syker, and Tom Parker. Munera Smith is Max's girlfriend. She watches as the five jock who are so called her "friends" bully Marcel, but she doesn't do anything about it she just watches as Marcel gets beat and bullied. Munera and Marcel used to be best friends but that was when they were kids, now everything changed. Marcel one day suddenly changed. He changes his name to Harry. A nerd to a hot, jock. He bullies others now. His bullies are now scared of him. Harry has always liked Munera. But what happens when Harry takes Munera and forces her to be his girlfriend? Will Munera Fall for him?


1. Nerd

Marcel's/Harry’s POV
I was walking down the hallway. I look around people talking with their friends. I had no one. I was a loner. I was a nerd. I don’t know why people don’t talk to me or want to be friends with me. I mean when we were all younger and were in elementary school everyone was friends with each other. Now everyone has changed. Some become jocks. Some became Goths. Some popular. And well me I'm one of the few who became a nerd. Just my luck huh?
I get bullied. I mean it’s no surprise since I’m a nerd. I mean I do nothing and they keep on bothering me. I wish they just leave me alone. I went to my locker; it was near Munera's. She was popular. She's dating Max one of my bullies/jocks. We used to be best friends when we were kids.
Now she’s all popular. She never talks to me anymore. I don’t know why...probably 'cause ima nerd. I miss her. We used to tell each other everything. Now that’s changed. Its like I don’t even know her anymore!
 Whenever I get bulled, she just stands there next to her boyfriend Max. She doesn't even tell them to stop, just watches. It’s funny how you think you know someone but then it turns out you don’t. They weren’t who they say they are, well at least it seems like it.
I sighed and took out my books for class. I saw Munera come to her locker. I got nervous, my palms started getting sweaty. I felt my heart beat quicken. She had that affect ever since the day I met her and still does.
I really liked her. But of course she doesn’t like me back. I stared at her. She was really pretty. And when I mean really, I mean REALLY PRETTY!
She has long beautiful silky brown hair, stunning brown eyes, pink plump lips. The way she laughed was just pure perfection. Her smile was so beautiful. Whenever she laughed or smile her eyes would light up like the sun and they would twinkle like the stars. Her walk was graceful, her voice so rich. She doesn’t dress trashy or poorly to dresses….just right. She’s also very smart, most of the popular and when I mean most I meant 99.9% of them were dumb.
But Munera was actually smart and had a passion for learning. And I liked that a lot about her.
I remember when we were little we used to come to each other’s house and hang out 24/7. Those were the good days.I decided to say hi to her, I was nervous.
“H-h-hi M-Munera" I said smiling, and pushing my glasses back up. "Um..Hi?" she said acting as if she didn’t know me, she rolled her eyes and turned her back to her friends. "What a loser!" I heard one of her girl friends say. I sighed. I am a loser aren’t I? I mean look at me. worthless I thought frowning.
"Well well well, look at what we have here! A nerd talking to my girlfriend...." I heard someone say while they closed my locker really hard making me jump. I instantly knew it was Max. Shit. Im dead.


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