Intoxicated with Love

Marcel AKA Harry was a nerd. He was bullied by the 5 jocks none other than: Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Nathan Syker, and Tom Parker. Munera Smith is Max's girlfriend. She watches as the five jock who are so called her "friends" bully Marcel, but she doesn't do anything about it she just watches as Marcel gets beat and bullied. Munera and Marcel used to be best friends but that was when they were kids, now everything changed. Marcel one day suddenly changed. He changes his name to Harry. A nerd to a hot, jock. He bullies others now. His bullies are now scared of him. Harry has always liked Munera. But what happens when Harry takes Munera and forces her to be his girlfriend? Will Munera Fall for him?


4. Mirror

Marcel's/Harry’s POV
I woke up to see the nurse bandaging my stomach. I was still sore, I remembered what happened. The memories came all flooding back. I was terrified. Plus I was shaking.
"Your mum's going to come soon I called her" Mrs.Wilk said. I nodded. Then suddenly the door opened. My mum stood there and ran to me and hugged me. I hugged back "oh my god Hun! Are you okay! Did they hurt you bad!" she asked checking me if I was hurt. "Mum it’s not that bad..." I said looking down. "Not that bad! They nearly killed you! You know what! Im going to the principle right this instinct!!" she said mad at the jocks.
She took my hand and started heading towards the principal’s office.
"Oh god" I said worried what the consequences will be. My mum told me to stay outside and so I did, she went her and had a talk with the principle. Moments later she came back. She looked as if she was yelling, well she was I heard her. Her face all red from anger and her hair messed up.
"We’ll see if they bully you again" she said. I followed her into the car, I was mad. Great I thought, now it’s ganna be worse...I was now kind of mad at my mum, but I know she did it for my wellbeing...she started driving "want to make you your favorite tonight?" she said. "No..." I said. I didn't feel like eating, I feel as if im fats, just like the jocks say right. She sighed. We were close to our house; we finally got there and she parked the car, I immediately got out. I hate the world I thought.
I ran to my room, and grabbed a pillow and just....broke down....Why I thought...why can’t I just die. I sobbed harder clutching onto the pillow like it held my dear life. I slowly got up. I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn’t recognize who I was seeing....tear stains all over I took off my classes. My eyes were so red and puffy. Bloodshot that’s how they looked.  I didn’t really need them, they were my reading glasses but I just leave them on.
 I rubbed my eyes. Everything was blurry because I was crying so hard. I kept on staring at myself.
"The world hates you...I hate you. You’re worthless" I said at myself then punching the mirror.
I felt the glass shatter into my knuckles. It didn’t hurt at all...
"I hate the world, I hate max and his stupid ass friends" I said, I held onto my bleeding hand. There was glass everywhere...just like my heart is in pieces the mirror is in pieces. My mum came running in her eyes widen in shock. "Marcel! What happened!" she said concerned. "Nothing" I mumble looking at my bleeding fist.
She brought me the hospital right away. They took out the glass in my hand, bandaged it. We came back home as usual I went to my room. I lay on my bed, thinking why this happens to me. I look at where my mirror used to be….shattered glass everywhere.
I sighed; spring break was a few days from now...I couldn’t wait to have a break from those bullies. I sighed once again, my thoughts going to Munera. Munera...she was perfect. But...She’s a popular who never helped me...I despised her as much as I loved her. Ever since I told her my secret she left me…I frowned thinking of the good old days.  I finally drifted off to sleep and into my dreams where I was safe.

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