Intoxicated with Love

Marcel AKA Harry was a nerd. He was bullied by the 5 jocks none other than: Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Nathan Syker, and Tom Parker. Munera Smith is Max's girlfriend. She watches as the five jock who are so called her "friends" bully Marcel, but she doesn't do anything about it she just watches as Marcel gets beat and bullied. Munera and Marcel used to be best friends but that was when they were kids, now everything changed. Marcel one day suddenly changed. He changes his name to Harry. A nerd to a hot, jock. He bullies others now. His bullies are now scared of him. Harry has always liked Munera. But what happens when Harry takes Munera and forces her to be his girlfriend? Will Munera Fall for him?


8. Football

“Why were those kids ‘bout to pounce you?” Liam asked. “They are my bullies…so it’s their job to beat me up” I said with lack of confidence in my voice.  They frowned.

“It’s not their job. What they do to you isn’t right.” Zayn said clearly pissed off.

“Well…I don’t encourage them to…it’s just- they don’t ever stop, Im a nerd they’re the “cool, popular, jocks”…so I guess  it’s just how it is and I can’t change that no matter how badly I want to…” I replied.

They looked at me sadly. “You’re not a nerd.” Louis said. “They’re just jealous mate. Don’t let them get to you.” he continued on. I smiled softly nodding.

“Well lads I think we made ourselves a new friend” Liam said smiling. This has shocked me. Friends? A rush of joy came over me; finally for once in my life someone accepts me. I grinned at the thought. They seemed nice. Even though they looked mean.

As they say.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

          If only more people understood this. We walked through the park, the boys and I continued on talking.

          “What school do you go to Marcel?” Niall asked me. “Holmes Chapel High School” I answered his question. “Oh Im going there after spring break!” Liam said zealous now. “Really?” I asked. He was gonna go to my school? I’ve never seen him there before, is he new? “If you’re wondering, Im from Wolverhampton. I moved about a week ago and I met these lads and I joined their group and we’ve been the bestest friends since” Liam explained. “Ohh” I said understanding now. They chuckled.

“Hey wanna come hang out with us?” Zayn asked. I smiled and nodded “Sure.” I was bursting with joy. We continued walking reaching the area where you play soccer, basketball etc. We headed into the football field. I guess we’re playing football. I’ve played it a few times; but I don’t think Im the best.

“Do you know how to play Mar? If you don’t mind me calling you that” Niall asked, “Yes I know how to play and no its fine.” I answered with a smile. “Well then alright let’s play; I’ll be captain for one of the teams, who else wants to be captain?” Louis asked. Liam raised his hand. “Alright Liam is the captain for the other team. Okay now let’s choose players. Liam you first” Louis continued.

“Erm…Marcel” Liam chose, I went up and he high fived me. Making me chuckle in the end. “Mmm Ill choose Nialler” Louis said. “Now all we have is the Zaynster. Mmm rock paper scissors?” He continued, Liam nodded, and so they did rock paper scissors. “Yes!” Liam cheered as he won. “We’ll still beat you, Im the best at football.”

Liam chuckled, “I highly doubt that.” This made me laugh along with the others.

“Alright! Get in your positions!!”  Louis ordered. We all got in our places.

“Ready set go!”


“Yes! Score! We win!!” My team and I cheered. It was 6 out of 4.

“You did it Mar!” Liam cheered. I grinned.

“Victory is ours!!” Zayn danced while saying this.

I laughed; these boys were fun to hang with. I think this will be a new start for me. It’s the first time Im been happy in months. I literally forgot how to smile and laugh.

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